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[SMM analysis] poor demand dragged down aluminum fluoride prices in October
Oct 18,2019 21:31CST
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SMM, 18 October:

According to SMM research, aluminum fluoride prices fell unexpectedly in October, the current AF-1 market is generally quoted around 9500 yuan / ton, and Chinalco purchase price is as low as 9000 yuan / ton. In October, the price of aluminum fluoride fell abnormally, mainly due to the poor demand of downstream electrolytic aluminum enterprises, coupled with the fact that the HF market, another product of fluorine chemistry, was also light, and the price of fluorite at the cost end did not rise but fell.

At present, the market for aluminum fluoride market before the year, the market view is different. Some think that the supply of fluorite is tight in winter, and the fluorite price may still rise before the year, which leads to the rise of aluminum fluoride price from the cost end. The other part thinks that the demand for aluminum fluoride is not clear before the year, and the poor demand will be a drag on the price of aluminum fluoride. Overall, follow-up costs will rise due to a reduction in fluorite supply, while downstream demand will remain uncertain due to uncertainty about downstream demand, and there is insufficient confidence in the market for subsequent price increases in aluminium fluoride due to concerns about poor demand.

In addition, in addition to the current small rebound of alumina, the pre-baked anode and cryolite also face a similar embarrassing situation with aluminum fluoride. In the follow-up, we still need to pay attention to the specific implementation plan of the production restriction policy in the heating season, and the intensity of production restriction is still the key.

Price trend of cryolite and aluminum fluoride


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