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[newsletter] Lunxi plunged 2.28% in intraday trading.
Oct 18,2019 20:00CST
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SMM10 18: recently evening, LME three-month tin plate to change the recent rising trend suddenly plunged, as of 20:05, at $16715 / ton, down 2.28%.

Today, Shanghai tin part of the long closing position profit-taking, Shanghai tin high after the center of gravity slightly down, to cross star line closing.

Spot market, this morning the mainstream transaction price 138000-141000 yuan / ton, there are a small number of 137800 yuan / ton near the fixed price small brand supply. Today, tin prices up and down the enterprise wait-and-see mentality is strong overall buy Xing weak, a small number of traders are cautious in receiving goods. Shanghai tin 2001 contract set Yunxi flat water-rising water 500 yuan / ton, ordinary cloud word rising water 300-discount 500 yuan / ton, small brand discount 500-1000 yuan / ton.

2019 (Ninth) Tin Industry chain Trading Summit

In the first half of 2019, the supply at the end of the mine remained in a tight equilibrium state. Under the influence of China's overall economic situation and the factors of the Sino-US trade war, market demand has declined compared with the same period last year, the process of de-inventory in the market has been slow, and the tin city as a whole has maintained a state of weak supply and demand. On the outside side, Indonesian tin ingot exports rose 43 per cent in April from a year earlier, coupled with a sharp increase in Chinese refined tin exports from January to April. At one point, the inventory of Lunxi rose to 6305 tons, and the trend of Lunxi was under pressure. Where will tin prices go in the future? Will the continued decline in tin prices affect the enthusiasm of miners to ship goods, thus aggravating the pattern of tight supply at the end of the mine? When will downstream demand recover? Will the development of 5G become a new growth point of tin demand? The 2019 (9th) Tin Industry chain Trading Summit invites you to explore the mysteries of Tin City. "Click to sign up for this summit.

Meeting schedule

Thursday, November 7, morning

Thursday, November 7th, in the afternoon.

13: 30-13: 35 opening address of the General Assembly

13: 45-14: 35 2019 Global macroeconomic situation and commodity investment opportunities

Trends and supply Forecast of Tin Market at Home and abroad from 14: 35 to 15: 10

15: 10-15: 40 tea break communication

15: 40-16: 20 2019-2020 Hot spots in China's Tin Market and Future Forecast

Risk Management of Futures hedging Business from 16: 20 to 17: 00

18: 00-20: 00 reception dinner

Friday morning November eighth

Analysis on the present situation and Technical Application Development trend of 09: 00-09: 40 Solder Industry

Application Progress of Tin anode Materials for Lithium Ion Battery from 09: 40 to 10: 20

Consumption and Investment Prospect of Tin in Semiconductor Industry from 10: 20 to 11: 00

New trend of Tin Terminal consumption in 11: 00-11: 40 5G era

12: 00-13: 30 buffet lunch

14: 30-16: 30 physical visit

Closing of the General Assembly

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