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[brief Review of Nickel in SMM] Shanghai Nickel fell to 132000 yuan / ton pass by nearly 3.5%
Oct 15,2019 15:42CST
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SMM, 15 October:

Shanghai nickel 1912 contract opened today at 134480 yuan / ton, after the opening shock lower, to 132000 yuan / ton level to be supported, the upper pressure 132800 yuan / ton first-line range of small shock operation, until the end of the day, closed at 131920 yuan / ton, down 4730 yuan / ton, down 3.46%, trading volume increased by 640000 hands to 1.544 million hands, position increased by 38000 hands to 357000 hands. Shanghai Nickel 1912 contract closed in the negative line, fell below the 40-day moving average support, down 132000 yuan / ton level, pay attention to whether Shanghai nickel can hold 132000 yuan / ton level at night.

Today is the delivery date of Shanghai Nickel 1910 contract. Shanghai Nickel 1910 is open at 135560 yuan / ton today. The trading volume was reduced by 1224 hands to 1344 hands, the position was reduced by 24 hands to 20040 hands, the actual delivery volume was 10020 tons, and the settlement price was 134300 yuan / ton.


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