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October 11 Shanghai copper spot market KuaiBao: copper prices rebounded risk aversion strong, spot rising water overreported low go
Oct 11,2019 12:11CST
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SMM, Oct. 11: Shanghai electrolytic copper spot contract today rose 120 ~ 170 yuan / ton, Pingshui copper transaction price 47020 yuan / ton ~ 47080 yuan / ton, Shengshui copper transaction price 47040 yuan / ton ~ 47100 yuan / ton. Trade sentiment between China and the United States has temporarily shown signs of easing, overnight Shanghai copper performance rebounded, copper prices rose to 46900 yuan / ton line today. The return of copper futures suppressed yesterday's positive buying mood. Morning market holders still want to continue yesterday's quotation of 150 yuan / ton to 180 yuan / ton. However, there is little initiative in the market today. Fearing heights gradually rises, the holder has no choice but to open the downward model. Good copper quotation rises 150-160 yuan / ton, Pingshui copper down to 130-140 yuan / ton, although there are some transactions, but the overall market atmosphere is not as good as yesterday. The holder continued to take the initiative to reduce the price to close the deal. The second section of the trading stage, in the shipping difficult to cash pressure environment, the holder's willingness to cash further strengthened, rising water quotation more than, flat copper quotation as low as 120 yuan / ton, part of the good copper as low as 140 yuan / ton, wet copper down faster, the quotation from the early market around 100 yuan / ton down to 70 ~ 80 yuan / ton. Today's market is stacked with empty news, reversing yesterday's high buying mood. The import copper window has been open for two days since the opening of the post-festival market. It is expected that a large number of imported copper goods will be put into storage over the weekend. At the same time, the "Wuxi viaduct collapse" incident that occurred last night, on the one hand, affected traffic, on the one hand, escalated the severity of logistics overload, and to a certain extent limited the willingness to buy goods downstream. And two days before the copper price low when the downstream has been continuous replenishment, short-term downstream performance will be cautious wait and see, the holder risk aversion is strong, the initiative to turn to the buyer, resulting in today's market upside down, can completely press the price of transactions, traders receive goods intended to lower the water level, strong and weak characteristics are obvious.


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