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Yuexi Mining Industry combined with Shanghai Nonferrous Network to produce "2019 Edition of lead and Zinc Mineral Resources in China & smelting Resources Distribution Map"
Oct 10,2019 16:35CST
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Lead and zinc resources have been discovered and explored in 29 provinces (autonomous regions and cities) in China. The Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou metallogenic belt, the southwest Sanjiang metallogenic belt, the Qinling Qilian Mountain metallogenic belt, the Nanling metallogenic belt and the Daxing'anling metallogenic belt are the main producing areas of lead and zinc resources.

At present, lead and zinc mining enterprises are facing many challenges, such as strict policy supervision, market uncertainty, difficult cost reduction and so on. For mining enterprises, the cost of environmental protection and safety is also facing an increasing situation. Affected by its safety and environmental protection, it is more difficult to apply for and renew the mining license and production safety license, and at the same time, a number of scattered pollution enterprises have been rectified and eliminated.

Under multiple factors, what are the changes in domestic lead and zinc mines and smelting enterprises? Under the situation of increasing concentration of industry, what is the current situation? The "2019 lead and Zinc Minerals & smelting Resources Distribution Map of China" co-produced by SMM and various production enterprises in the industry will meet with friends in the industry in September to take you to appreciate the elegant demeanor of lead and zinc mines and smelting enterprises. At the same time, Zhenan Yuexi Mining Co., Ltd. has become a joint production unit of SMM "Distribution Map of lead and Zinc Mineral Resources and smelting Resources in China in 2019".

Zhenan Yuexi Mining Co., Ltd. is located 38 kilometers south of Zhenan County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province. The administrative area belongs to Qingtongguan Town Yuexing Village, 6 kilometers away from Zhenan-Xunyang Provincial Road and about 35 kilometers away from Zhenan Railway Station of Xikang Railway. Xikang Expressway passes through Qingtongguan Town, the traffic is very convenient.

The company was founded in October 1997, the scope of business for iron, lead-zinc mining, lead-zinc mineral processing, sales; cement products processing, sales; blasting operations, etc.; the mining rights of the company covers an area of 0.9335 square kilometers.

I. basic information of the enterprise:

1. Mining area: there are 8 openings in the mining area, which are developed jointly by adit-inclined shaft, adit-shaft and shallow hole mining method.

2. Concentrator: 500 tons of ore per day and 1000 tons of ore per day for technical transformation and expansion.

2. Enterprise production situation: Yuexi Mining Company completed the construction of shaft and roadway engineering, clean production and process transformation of concentrator, transformation of tailings reservoir and renewal of mining and separation equipment in 2018. Mine production can meet the needs of concentrator production.

III. Enterprise development plan: at present, the mine currently has ore reserves of 910000 tons, and the technical renovation project of 1000 tons / day for mining and separation of lead-zinc mines and the expansion of reserves in 2019 will be completed, with the amount of lead + zinc metals reaching 750000 tons.

4. Energy saving and environmental protection: dry discharge system of upper tailings, secondary recovery and utilization of tailings water. Tailings slag Zhenan County cement Plant can be used as cement, no waste water discharge and pollution. The slag yard and the slag slope of Laodongkou are planted and afforested in the mining area. The old equipment has been reformed and updated in the concentrator and mining area to save energy and reduce consumption and reduce cost.

5. Product quality: the amount of treated ore is 150000 tons per year, the grade of lead powder is 70%, the recovery rate is 86%, the grade of zinc powder is 65%, the recovery rate is 95%.

Contact: Zhang Xiangping 15829176490

Add: Qing Tong Guan Zhen Yue Xing Cun, Zhenan County, Shangluo City, Shaanxi Province

E-mail: 993690034@qq.com



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