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[SMM Analysis] it has become an industry consensus that the new national standard of power battery is about to come out of Taiwan to improve safety.
Jul 28,2019 14:33CST
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SMM News: the first half of the new energy vehicle safety accidents frequently, to the rapid development of the industry poured a pot of cold water.

Recently, an organization said that GB "electric vehicle power battery safety requirements" has been approved, at the same time that the new national standard has entered the WTO stage, will be officially released soon. This version of the new national standard, which was merged and expanded by GB/T 31485 "Safety requirements and Test methods for Power batteries for Electric vehicles" and GB/T 31467.3 "Lithium-ion Battery packs and Systems for Electric vehicles" part 3: safety requirements and Test methods, was released early last year to upgrade from "GB/T" to "GB" after it was officially implemented. All tests in the new national standard will become mandatory.

In the single test, the acupuncture test, which is considered to be the most stringent, was cancelled in the new national standard. As for the safety issues that were widely concerned by the industry before, does the cancellation of acupuncture tests mean that the policy has paid less attention to them?

According to SMM, since the beginning of this year, policy guidance has been tilted in the direction of improving the safety of new energy vehicles, whether the new subsidy policy in 2019 on energy density requirements have slowed, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has also come out of the stage to strengthen the safety inspection of a number of documents. At present, most of the new energy passenger vehicles are carrying ternary batteries, the causes of ternary battery accidents are mostly related to battery extrusion, collision, high temperature and so on, but acupuncture appears less in reality. If acupuncture is regarded as one of the mandatory requirements in the new national standard, on the one hand, it does not conform to the current development status of power battery technology. On the other hand, it will also cause greater shipping pressure on battery enterprises, which is not conducive to the steady development of new energy vehicle industry. At present, the whole industry has reached a consensus on the importance of safety performance, in the future with the improvement of technology, the safety performance of new energy vehicles is expected to be further improved.

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