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China Southern Rare Earth leaves prices of rare-earth oxides unchanged
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Jul 24,2019

SHANGHAI, Jul 24 (SMM) – China Southern Rare Earth Group, one of the six, state-owned rare earth mining groups in China, this week did not change its listed prices for most rare-earth oxides, according to a notice on the company's website on Tuesday July 23.

The producer’s quotes for its rare-earth oxide products, except for gadolinium oxide, all remained unchanged from a week ago, with the price for terbium oxide staying at 4.1 million yuan/mt for a fourth straight week.

The price for dysprosium oxide also remained unchanged at 2 million yuan/mt for four weeks in a row, while that for gadolinium oxide fell 2,000 yuan/mt from last week to 170,000 yuan/mt.

Quote for samarium oxide stood at 12,000 yuan/mt, with that for europium oxide at 295,000 yuan/mt.

Listed prices stood at 390,000 yuan/mt for holmium oxide, 195,000 yuan/mt for erbium oxide, 110,000 yuan/mt for ytterbium oxide, 4.3 million yuan/mt for lutetium oxide, 22,000 yuan/mt for yttrium oxide and 9 million yuan/mt for scandium oxide.

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