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Weekly Review of Silicon and Manganese Market (7.15 to 7.19): a small burst of electricity Price reduction and re-production in Guizhou Province
Jul 19,2019 18:08CST
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Silicon and manganese prices are stable and weak this week. Recent rumors of power restrictions in the north have only aroused a slight rise in futures prices, but spot prices have fallen slightly by 50 yuan / ton compared with last week. At the same time, the recent reduction in electricity prices in Guizhou has become a foregone conclusion. Alloy manufacturers concentrated and resumed production is inevitable.

At the beginning of the week, a small number of silicon and manganese manufacturers in the north offered low prices. This week, the overall quotation range of the northern silicon and manganese manufacturers has been reduced, and the mainstream price is about 7450 to 7550 yuan / ton (cash ex-factory price). At the same time, some manufacturers said that the pace of inquiry and search for silicon and manganese today has slowed down, mainly due to the strong selling mood of some traders in the near future, and the ex-factory price is slightly preferential based on the transaction price of the delivery warehouse. After the spread of Inner Mongolia power limit news, spot quotations and futures prices rose significantly, but according to SMM research and announced the market electricity limit on the local silicon and manganese production is limited, the next day the market return to rationality.

Recently, as the electricity price in Guizhou is determined to drop to 0.42 yuan / degree, at least Guizhou alloy manufacturers may return to production. According to the incomplete estimate of SMM, the production capacity accounts for about 30% of the local market, and the monthly output increases by about 20, 000 tons, which has a greater impact on the southern silicon-manganese spot market. This information is likely to become a major turning point in the silicon-manganese spot market volume increase, and affect the August price trend.

Today's SMM Inner Mongolia Si-mn 6517 average quotation is 7725 yuan / ton (accepted ex-factory price), down 50 yuan / ton from last week, Ningxia Si-mn 6517 average quotation is 7775 yuan / t (accepted ex-factory price), the same as last week.

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