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Hubei Xinzi "lead" about "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit"
Jul 10,2019 15:03CST
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From the ninth recycled lead battery summit is only 43 days, with the approach of time, the topic of recycled lead is also very hot discussion ah!

In particular, the recent frequent efforts of environmental protection departments have had a great impact on the development of recycled lead industry, so that the policy news and development direction of recycled lead batteries are the focus of attention of relevant enterprises. Hosted by SMM on August 22-23, the "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" is to brainstorm on how to take the road of sustainable development for the "lead" industry.

"2019 9th Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" is a collection of success, not only timely understanding of the industry policy and the hottest information; but also the industry strength of the exclusive point of view, to provide countermeasures; but also in advance to know the latest SMM exclusive industry data. How can such a professional conference be without excellent corporate sponsorship? Hubei Xinzi Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd. Huiyan Zhizhu strongly sponsored the meeting, "lead" in the meeting.

Now, let's take a look at the prosperous times of Xinzi in Hubei.

Hubei Xinzi Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 13, 2017, the project is located in Shiyan Fang County Circular economy Industrial Park. The main business scope is crude lead, refined lead, alloy lead processing, sales, waste metal, waste plastic purchase and sale, waste battery recycling, smelting, sales, non-ferrous metal science and technology research and development, import and export business, annual output of 200000 tons of lead.

The company is committed to the development of circular economy, green economy, renewable resources recovery, processing and reuse. Since its establishment, the company has implemented the scientific concept of development, invested in the construction of a "conservation-oriented society", learned from advanced experience, introduced advanced equipment, made use of technical advantages, improved the efficiency of resource utilization, developed circular economy, and turned waste into treasure. it has initially formed a development pattern characterized by resource conservation, clean production and ecological and environmental protection, so as to achieve good economic and social benefits and contribute to the society.

Hubei Xinzi Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd. has won wide praise from the majority of users for its advanced technology and reliable quality. At the same time, Hubei Xinzi invites you to "lead" to meet with the "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" to create a better development in the future.

Main products: purchase of waste lead-acid batteries

Sales: recycled lead, alloy lead

Contact number: Mr. Chen 18527867777 Mr. Zhao 18527869999

Reviewing the trend of lead price in the past three years, after rising strongly to 22940 yuan / ton in 2016, the high point of lead price has moved down year by year with the change of macro and fundamentals. What is the supply and demand pattern of lead market in 2019, and where will lead price go? The situation of domestic environmental protection is severe, and the supply and demand pattern of lead market has changed. What kind of opportunities and challenges will the renewable lead and lead battery industry face in 2019? SMM invites you to get together at the 2019 Regenerative lead Battery Summit to explore the current situation of the industry and explore the future development! August 22nd, see you again.

Contact person: Cao Juanjuan

Tel: 021 51595790

Mobile phone: 13564728530

Fax: 021 51275007

E-mail: caojuanjuan@smm.cn


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