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[important] Environmental protection superposition industry policy how to survive the plight of the renewable lead industry here will have industry bigwigs for you to guide the maze!
Jul 8,2019 16:07CST
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SMM7 News of the 8th of July:

Shu Road is difficult, difficult to go up to the green sky.

The lead road is difficult, the difficulty lies in the development.

In recent years, with the gradual promotion of environmental protection policy and no tendency to relax, renewable lead industry is on the verge of extinction, industrial concentration has increased significantly, capacity has been optimized and upgraded, on the one hand, the cost of enterprises has increased, but the development of the whole industry is also healthier, although environmental protection has brought temporary pain to the industry, but in the long run, it can be said that once and for all!

In addition to environmental protection, there are many problems and questions in the recycled lead industry that are the focus of the market. For example:

In recent years, the proportion of recycled lead has increased year by year, especially the concentration of new expansion capacity from 2018 to 2020. At the same time, such as the "waste lead battery pollution prevention and control action plan", "waste lead acid battery recovery technical specification" and many other policies announced, standardize the recovery of waste lead battery, promote the optimization and upgrading of the renewable lead industry, and whether the new capacity of renewable lead can be released as scheduled in 2019? And is it possible for "standardized" recycled lead to become a "delivery brand"?

The lead battery industry, which is closely related to the renewable lead industry, has the same policy and bumpy road ahead, such as the "Technical Specification for the Safety of Electric Bicycle" and the "interim measures for the Administration of Recycling and Utilization of Power batteries for New Energy vehicles." coupled with the issuance of 5G licenses, the automobile market is in the doldrums, and production has shown negative growth for the first time. 2019 lead-acid batteries where to go? In the implementation of the "extended producer responsibility system" at the same time, lead battery enterprises have been involved in the recovery of waste lead batteries, recycled lead smelting and other sectors, lead battery enterprises cross-field operation brings a new profit growth point?

The journey is long, SMM will go up and down with the lead industry! The more adversity, the more we have to go out, broaden our horizons and open up the circle!

In order to enable recycled lead enterprises to stay warm and win-win, SMM organized the "2019 Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit", which will be held from August 22 to 23, 2019. At the meeting, there will be industry bigwigs to talk about the exclusive point of view of policy, technical elites with you to explore high-end technology common innovation, professional tycoons, SMM senior analysts for your authority to analyze macro and industry information.

"Click to sign up for this summit

Focus on the future

1. Centralized collection and trans-regional transport environmental management of waste lead batteries;

two。 The present situation and development demand of the recovery end of waste lead-acid battery;

3. The latest policy trend of recycled lead industry: grasp the policy change trend related to the recovery of recycled lead and waste lead-acid batteries in the future;

4. Cutting-edge technology: real-time understanding of waste lead-acid battery recovery and treatment process and lead-acid battery technology;

A gathering of Britain at a time of storm

"2019 9th Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit" has an exclusive point of view of the industry, with technology, manpower, brand advantages to show you exclusive style; technical elites gathered with you to discuss high-end technology common innovation; professional boss, SMM senior analyst for your authority to analyze macro information. The 9th Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit in 2019 used brainstorming to attack the market and look forward to the future.

Famous enterprises have a special meeting to negotiate.

Technical Centre for solid waste and Chemicals Management, Ministry of Ecological Environment

Shenyang Battery Research Institute

Guangdong Lvxun Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Recycled Metals Branch of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association

Schedule of meetings

Look at which companies have signed up for the meeting so far:

A major feature of the SMM summit-"famous enterprise negotiation", is one of the most important links in the industry, here, you can meet with old customers to promote feelings, you can also meet new partners, expand your business circle, seize a larger market share!

Contact person: Cao Juanjuan

Tel: 021 51595790 Mobile phone: 13564728530

Fax: 021 51275007

E-mail: caojuanjuan@smm.cn

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime!

The original intention of the SMM summit is to give both fish and fishing to customers!

As long as you come, you have everything you want here!

August 22-23

The Ninth Regenerative lead Battery Industry Summit in 2019

Invite you to lead the road, get the autograph!

"Click to sign up for this summit

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