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Weekly Review of imported Manganese Mine Market (7.1 to 7.5): prices rise slightly and new mines can enter the market
Jul 5,2019 19:43CST
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This week, the overall performance of the imported manganese ore market is better, the transaction prices of various minerals have increased to varying degrees, Tianjin Port inventory has dropped slightly again, Qinzhou Port inventory has increased reasonably.

At the beginning of the week, in the face of the significant rise in the downstream bidding price of the mainstream steel mill, but the mine price is difficult to improve, many traders choose to suspend the offer, the market behavior has played a certain effect, the mine price has risen to a certain extent, and the downstream alloy market acceptance is also OK, in the case of strong downstream demand, the overall shipping situation is better, some mainstream mines are relatively weak, at the same time, the rebound trend still exists. However, as the market price of manganese ore was gradually announced in August, the market reaction was also slightly fierce. In August 2019, 36 per cent of South African semi-carbon blocks were at US $5.65 / tonnage, up US $0.15 / tonnage compared with the previous month, and 44 per cent of Comilog was quoted at US $5.85.90 / tonnage (CIF main port in China), an increase of US $0.10 / tonnage compared with July. UMK quoted $5.83 / tonnage for China Manganese Mine, $5.83 / tonnage for Mn36% South Africa Block, US $5.97 / tonnage for China Manganese Mine, down US $0.37 / tonnage from the previous month, and US $5.30 / tonnage for South African semi-carbon acid, unchanged from the previous month. This round of futures only South32 Australian dollar price has fallen, the market mood is mixed; at the same time, according to SMM, traders with a trade volume of more than 20000 tons can receive US $5.80 per tonne, while less than 20000 tons will receive US $5.90 per tonne, but traders say they do not accept the offer for this round of Gabawan mines and need to negotiate further.

At the same time, this week, some non-mainstream minerals, such as Zambia and Peru, have been sent to our ports for inspection, and the specific quality needs to be sent out. At present, the volume is small but the degree of attention continues to increase, and some traders are preparing to develop first-hand resources to further enter the domestic market.

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