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SMM July 4 Shanghai 1 # lead market KuaiBao
Jul 4,2019 12:21CST
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SMM July 4: Shanghai market southern lead 16040 to 16050 yuan / ton, to the 1907 contract water 40 50 yuan / ton quotation; Sands 16050 to 16080 yuan / ton, to the 1907 contract water 50 to 80 yuan / ton quotation; Jiangsu and Zhejiang area Jijin, Wanyang, copper crown lead 16030 to 16050 yuan / ton, to 1907 contract liter water 3050 yuan / ton quotation, among them send white goods to 1907 contract discount 10 yuan / ton. The futures market is weak and volatile, and some of the holders have slightly increased their quotations due to a slight drop in inventory pressure, but because the consumption of the downstream battery market has not improved for the time being, storage enterprises only purchase with rigid demand, and most of them continue to actively quote and dump their goods. A small number of discount quotations still exist, and the overall market trading volume is still relatively limited.

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