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2018 National selection of excellent suppliers of Electrotechnical Copper Strip officially opened
Jul 1,2019 15:07CST
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Electrical materials are the driving force to promote China's economic development. In the past few years, the power industry has received policy support, directly promoting the rapid growth of consumption in the electrical industry. However, in recent years, the industry overcapacity, increased environmental protection, trade war and other factors, resulting in the electrical materials industry is facing new bottlenecks. Around the motor, transformer, cable, connector switches and other downstream industry problems have become increasingly prominent, homogeneous competition, material performance downhill, enterprises have no time to take into account material innovation and research and development, the development of the electrical industry is slow. At the end of raw materials, copper rod wire, copper bar, electromagnetic wire, copper strip, copper alloy and other material enterprises have been promoting innovation, but too many are still "shouting slogans", the industry urgently needs new materials and new markets to fill. As one of the core of electrical materials, electrical copper strip is also faced with the alternation of new and old materials in recent years, whether cable belt, transformer belt or low voltage electrical belt, are replaced by the new materials in the market.

According to the feedback of the downstream market and the expectations of many domestic manufacturers, Shanghai Nonferrous Network (SMM) hereby organized the "2018 National excellent supplier selection of Electrotechnical Copper Strip" in the early stage of the 2019 China Electrical Materials Trading Summit, through the selection, recognition and media display of cable tape, transformer belt, low voltage electrical tape, metal composite belt and other material supply enterprises nationwide. A number of high-quality representative supply enterprises are selected as the industry benchmark to establish a good image for the future electrical material consumption market.

I. scope of selection

1. Established in accordance with the law for more than 2 years (including 2 years)

2. The enterprise is registered in China and has its own factory or warehouse

3. The enterprise has no bad record

4. Enterprises that have signed up to participate in this selection

II. Selection criteria

1. Enterprise size (registered capital, annual transaction volume, tax payment, industry reputation)

2. Enterprise management

Adhere to honesty and trustworthiness, civilized management, good corporate image, has been unanimously recognized by the industry

The supply channel of the manufacturer is stable and the operation efficiency is high.

Both sales and after-sales service are trusted by downstream enterprises and are widely praised by the industry.

III. Information provided by the participating enterprises (sent electronically to: wujianglin@smm.cn)

1. Enterprise profile (within 200 words), factory / warehouse photos, enterprise Logo;

2. Confirmation of selection (including, but not limited to, items in the Evaluation system Table)

(3) copies of business license, tax registration certificate and organizational code certificate; (three certificates and one only need to provide business license);

4. Tax payment vouchers and tax credit rating certificates for 2018;

5. the proof materials of the selection index, etc.

IV. Arrangement of the selection process

2019.6.25 2019.7.10 event publicity / Enterprise Registration / display data Collection

2018.7.11-2019.7.25 online voting (the voting channel is closed at 18:00 on July 25)

2019.6.25 2019.7.25 Enterprise data collection / accounting enterprise objective score

2019.7.26-2019.7.30 Statistical Voting score and Enterprise objective score

2019.8.29 selected enterprises awarded awards (14th Copper and Aluminum Summit)

2019.8.30 2019.9.5 selected enterprise network publicity, subject to industry user supervision

V. Notes for participation in the Evaluation

1. The selection enterprises shall apply voluntarily, and no fee shall be levied on the selection process;

2. The top 10 enterprises scored in this evaluation, do not set the ranking, announced in Shanghai Nonferrous Network for 7 days, subject to social supervision;

3. During the evaluation period and the publicity period, if the enterprise is found to have provided false information, broken promises, included in the list of business anomalies or major business records in violation of regulations, the qualification for selection shall be revoked.

4. Award date: August 29, 2019 2019 China Electrotechnical Materials Trading Summit

VI. Details of selection

Part I: corporate voting (40% weighted)

Voting channel: official voting channel. The voting results are calculated and scored.

Scoring method = (valid votes / total votes) * 40

Part II: table of the evaluation system (60% weight)

1. The data of the evaluation system, based on the 2018 enterprise indicators, is composed of five indicators, such as enterprise background, enterprise scale, tax situation, supplier feedback, good faith management and so on (see attached table). The weights of the five indicators are added to the total score, each index takes the highest value as the highest weight score, and the remaining values are converted to the highest value in proportion to the highest value. This score is completed by the selection expert group according to the information obtained by the enterprise submission materials and media channels.

2. Scoring method = (enterprise score / total score of the evaluated enterprise) * 60

The two scores are reviewed by the evaluation committee, and the audited parameters are sorted according to the total score of the product. If the total score of multiple enterprises is the same, it will be decided by the evaluation committee. This selection does not distinguish the rank, the comprehensive score top enterprise is the result of this selection.

Annex: evaluation system Table "2018 National excellent supplier Standard for Electrotechnical Copper Strip"


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