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Weekly Review of imported Manganese Mine (6.23 to 6.28): only Manganese Mine is powerless
Jun 28,2019 17:49CST
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This week, the overall price of manganese mine is still quite weak, some traders tried to raise the offer but the transaction was dismal, the downstream acceptance was low, the actual transaction price was the same as last week.

On the demand side, although the recent variables in environmental protection have emerged, the Ministry of Ecological Environment has interviewed some cities in Hebei, Henan, and Shanxi on the comprehensive control of air pollution in autumn and winter from 2018 to 2019, and Tangshan has issued a policy to limit production again on environmental protection issues. Its specific implementation is not clear that the demand for steel stimulated by local bonds and other news sources is still better than expected, and the short-term market for steel demand remains basically high. Therefore, the demand for upstream manganese alloy and raw material manganese ore is still considerable.

On the supply side, it is calculated that shipment volume decreased at the end of May, while the transaction condition of mainstream high-grade manganese mines this week was also relatively good. This week's manganese mine stocks continued to decline last week, falling by about 4% compared with last week's inventory, which is conducive to the balance of supply and demand in the market. Manganese ore prices may have room to rise.

It is rumored that UMK8's monthly inquiry for semi-carbon acid in South Africa is US $5.83 / tonnage, up US $0.050 / tonnage from the previous month, and the rise in the external quotation has further compressed the survival space of the miners. At present, only the South African semi-carbonate ore in Tianjin Port market has a profit of about 3 yuan per ton, and the other minerals are still below the cost line. Under the condition of good profit and strong demand in the downstream market, the price of imported manganese ore is likely to rise.

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