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Weekly Review of imported Manganese ores (6.17 to 6.21): upward trend of High starting Price
Jun 21,2019 14:41CST
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This week, the import manganese mine market has been changing this year's decline, the major traders have pushed up prices, prices have increased significantly, transaction prices and volume have actually improved.

Upstream, affected by the slowdown of shipments from manganese ore exporting countries such as Australia and Brazil, manganese ore stocks in the main ports in the south and north have a slight downward trend, but they are still at a historically high level as a whole, which is also the main reason why it has been difficult for ore prices to rise; at the same time, some mines have made mistakes in overseas mineral processing, resulting in uneven particle size, which to a certain extent affects the market price of the mine.

Downstream, manganese alloy has been cracking down on manganese ore in the course of rising prices, mainly because the alloy profit mainly comes from the low cost of manganese ore. At this stage, the alloy price rises again, and the profit space of the alloy factory increases again. At the same time, this week is the week before the steel move in July. While the alloy factory raised the quotation one after another, it said that the steel price is expected to rise significantly. The profit margin may be increased by another 100 to 200 yuan per ton.

The average price of mainstream manganese ore in Tianjin Port rose by about 1.9 yuan per ton this week, and gradually returned to near the cost line from a sustained substantial loss in May, and the rising trend is still maintained. Next Wednesday, it is expected that steel moves will be carried out one after another. In favorable circumstances such as the terminal infrastructure market, steel may remain in good demand, thus driving demand for silicon, manganese and manganese ore industry as a whole, so there is still room for manganese prices to rise in the short term. It is expected to return to the cost line or above next week.

The price and trading rhythm of the manganese mine in Qinzhou Port in the south are relatively stable, driven only by the rising market in the north, and the quotation has risen slightly, but the prices of various minerals have remained stable.

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