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A Summary of SMM Battery Market for Electric vehicles on June 18
Jun 19,2019 17:29CST
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SMM June 18: dealers in Shandong Province reflect that the wholesale price of the main model 48v20Ah is 440,460 yuan / group, the electric battery market is in the off-season, the major brands are frequently promoted, and the terminal market demand is limited, and the lead price rises weakly. At present, it is basically maintained with the purchase and sale, and the inventory is controlled within a week. Dealers in Fujian area reflect that the terminal consumption of electric battery market is weak, coupled with the influence of the new national standard, battery supply is difficult to digest, another battery wholesale market wholesale promotion, the main model 48v20Ah in 440yuan / group. Manufacturers in Henan Province reflect that the off-season of the electric battery market continues, dealers purchase more cautious, in order to avoid the accumulation of inventory, the current factory opening rate is maintained at 60 to 70%, the other raw material lead is based on long single purchase.

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