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China's 1st large manganese-rich mine uncovered in Guizhou

iconJun 19, 2019 14:52
This is likely to reduce domestic reliance on imported manganese ore

SHANGHAI, Jun 19 (SMM) – The Guizhou Provincial Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources discovered four manganese deposits and China’s first large-scale manganese-rich deposit in Tongren, according to the forum held by the Ministry of Natural Resources in Tongren on Sunday June 16. 

This made Guizhou the largest manganese resource base in China, and is likely to reduce domestic reliance on imported manganese ore. 

The four deposits have an average grade of 19%-25%, with a depth of 1,000-1,500 m. Proven reserves of manganese ore in Tongren stood at 708 million mt, with 660 million mt of newly discovered deposits. 

The number of super-large manganese mines in Tongren accounted for a third of that around the world, with manganese-rich deposits in Tongren exceeding 100 million mt.

Some 70% of manganese ore supplies in China relied on imports, as domestic deposits are mainly low-grade, carbonate ore that cannot meet the need from, for example, the alloy sector. 

While there are high-grade manganese ores exploited in Yunnan province, limited reserves and long-distance transport constrained the supply, SMM learned. 

However, domestic manganese ore still dominates in the production of electrolytic manganese given its price advantages. 

China is the world's top producer and consumer of manganese, which is used widely in making auto batteries and magnetic new materials.

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