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SMM& Hong colored black trading strategy will be a guest PPT big public!
Jun 15,2019 17:33CST
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On June 14, 2019, sponsored by SMM and Hongze Research, the 2019 SMM& Hiro Nonferrous Metals Trading Strategy will come to a successful conclusion in Shanghai. More than 800 elites in the domestic financial and investment circles and the metal industry participated in this meeting, and jointly discussed the price trends and operating strategies of nonferrous and ferrous metals. During the rest of the meeting, we cherish the opportunity of a rare gathering to seize the opportunity to communicate with each other and exchange their own ideas, to learn more about trading information to grasp more market opportunities.

This meeting has attracted wide attention. SMM considered that due to the limited capacity of the venue and other factors, many of SMM's brothers were unable to come to the scene to listen to your speeches. Today, SMM has released some of the videos taken at the scene for everyone to watch, making up for the regret that they did not attend the meeting!

"View videos and audio recordings of live speakers

In addition, SMM decided for the first time to release all the PPT files of the guests of this meeting free of charge for download and study.

Click the title below to download the PPT file:

"Hiro studies senior analyst / Qian Peng: fundamental analysis and trading logic of colored varieties

"Hiro studies macro commodities chief analyst / Shi Qi: 2019 macroeconomic and exchange rate analysis

"General Manager / Wu Yanhui, Ningbo Ketong International Trading Co., Ltd.: non-ferrous metal structure and internal and external arbitrage

"SMM Copper Industry Senior analyst / Ye Jianhua: hot spot depth Analysis and Prospect of 2019 Copper Market

"SMM Copper Senior Industry analyst / Wei Xue: analysis of 2019 Copper Trading Strategy

"SMM Aluminum Industry Senior analyst / Wang Rui: in-depth Analysis and Prospect of Hot spots in 2019 Aluminum Market

"Jiang Copper International Trade / du Zhifeng: 2019 Aluminum spot Trading Strategy

Liu Mengyue, Senior analyst of SMM Zinc Industry: in-depth Analysis and Prospect of Hot spots in 2019 Zinc Market

"SMM Zinc Industry Senior analyst / Li Ling: supply and demand game inventory is still the key short-term supply is still the focus

"SMM lead Industry Senior analyst / Xia Wenming: hot spot depth Analysis and Prospect of lead Market in 2019

"SMM lead Industry Senior analyst / Li Daisheng: 2019" New National Standard "officially implements lead consumption haze

"Tianfeng Futures Chief Nonferrous analyst / Chen Sijie: review and Prospect of lead and Zinc Market in 2019

"Hong is studying Nonferrous Senior analyst / Qian Peng: the medium-term balance of short-term stainless steel support is gradually shifting to surplus.

"SMM nickel industry senior analyst / Liu Yuqiao: hot spot depth analysis and prospect of nickel market in 2019

"Meerya Futures options Department / Dai Xia: 2019 speaking guests on the Road of Rio Tinto Enterprises with options

"SMM Black Senior analyst / Wang Bei: discussion on 2H2019 Black whole Industry Trading opportunities

"Hong studies black analyst / Huang Yi: prospect of iron ore market in the second half of 2019

"feel the atmosphere of this meeting

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