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Weekly Review of imported Manganese ores (6.10 to 6.14): low consolidation transactions improved
Jun 14,2019 17:46CST
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This week, the price of imported manganese ore fell first and then stabilized, the overall low consolidation, affected by the low price of the market, the willingness to purchase alloy plants has improved, the inventory has declined but is still in a higher position.

In terms of prices, 46% of the price of Tianjin Hong Kong and Macao this week was 51 yuan / tonnage, down 1 yuan / tonnage from last week, and the price of semi-carbonic acid in South Africa was 45.5 yuan / tonnage, 0.5 yuan / tonnage lower than last week. The price of manganese ore imported from Qinzhou Port in the south fell slightly at the same time as Tianjin Port.

On the supply side, due to the fact that Australian dollar prices are more favored by the market both at home and abroad, some traders have difficulties in receiving goods overseas this week, according to relevant people, which is caused by a short supply of overseas mines, but does not rule out the possibility that overseas mines intend to press goods in an appropriate amount in order to bid up future prices.

At present, the supply of domestic imported manganese ore is in excess of demand, and it is difficult to change obviously in the short term, but the following two points bring benefits to the short-term support of manganese ore prices: first, according to some traders, futures shipments such as Brazil and Australia may decline, the pace of trading is also improving, and port inventories are less likely to continue to rise. Second, the downstream alloy market is guided by the price of steel this month and the demand for silicon and manganese has increased. The start-up rate of silicon and manganese may increase slightly in June. However, in the medium to long term, as the terminal steel market will usher in short-term infrastructure and periodic adjustment of automobile consumption industry, the demand of steel market is difficult to predict. Alloy manufacturers mainly wait and see in the future, and mostly deal with zero inventory. The possibility of a substantial increase in silicon and manganese production in the short and medium term is smaller, and the elimination of manganese ore inventory is also more difficult.

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