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27m super long stainless steel pipe produced by Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.
Jun 10,2019 14:47CST
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SMM News: June 9, from the Taiyuan Iron and Steel Group came the good news: the group's stainless steel pipe company through a hot extruder to produce 27 meters of ultra-long stainless steel pipe. The product breaks through the specification limit of seamless tube, the added value of the product is high, and the market prospect is broad.

It is understood that in the past, welded steel pipe was often used for blast furnace bottom cooling pipe butt joint, because of the existence of weld, short service life and low high temperature resistance. The one-time forming extrusion pipe requires a large diameter, the length exceeds the specification limit, and because it is used at the bottom of the blast furnace, it also has higher quality requirements for high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is difficult to produce.

In order to meet the needs of users, the company has set up a key research group, drawn up a special process route, and made a special mould. After many experiments, a series of problems have been solved, such as eccentric wall of super-long pipe, uneven heating, poor lubrication and so on. Because the length of the steel pipe exceeds the size of the rack, it is easy to appear that the head of the steel pipe has exceeded the rack and the tail is still in the equipment. In order to avoid the damage to the steel pipe, the research group uses the existing equipment to carry out small leather to ensure that the hot extrusion products can pass through the straightener smoothly. In the process of hoisting, in order to reduce the influence on the bending of steel pipe, they add beams under the crane and use double hooks to maintain the balance of steel pipe. This not only ensures the quality of steel pipe, but also provides a guarantee for the safety of workers. In terms of logistics turnover, steel pipes of conventional size can be smoothly transported to the rack with only one worker, but several people are required to cooperate in the process of transshipment and placement of ultra-long pipes. In addition, a series of problems such as the length of steel pipe beyond pickling tank and how to package it to ensure the integrity of steel pipe in the process of transportation are perplexing the team. After several batches of production, the company summed up a number of experience, all the difficult problems are solved one by one.

At present, the company has successfully provided bottom tubes for the blast furnaces of the two major iron and steel enterprises. After inspection, each quality index meets the requirements of the standard and the needs of users. The successful research and development of medium caliber ultra-long seamless steel pipe has brought into full play the advantages of good dimensional stability, high surface finish and good mechanical properties of 6000 ton extruder in Taiyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., and prolonged the service life of the cooling pipe at the bottom of the blast furnace. It is of great significance to prolong the maintenance cycle of domestic blast furnace. In the future, the product is expected to replace the butt welded pipe used at the bottom of blast furnace in domestic iron and steel enterprises.

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