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Hegang 9Ni Steel replaces Import to build the "Heart" of the World's largest LNG Ro-Ro ship
Jun 3,2019 10:50CST
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SMM News: the world's largest 7500 vehicles LNG car ro-ro ship, the first ship out of dock smoothly, in the design and manufacture of the ship, the ultra-low temperature 9Ni steel production instead of import, is used to manufacture the ship's core power plant-the huge C-type LNG fuel tank.

7500 vehicle LNG Ro / Ro ship is mainly driven by LNG fuel, which is a green and environmentally friendly ship, which represents the trend of Ro / Ro ship design in the future. The successful research and development of the ship has filled the gap in the independent design and construction technology of large dual-fuel automobile ro / ro ships in China.

9Ni steel is recognized by the industry as a kind of steel with high technology content and high production difficulty, which belongs to "crown on steel plate". The lowest service temperature can reach-196 ℃, high strength, excellent low temperature toughness and good weldability, so it is very suitable for cryogenic environment.

Hegang developed 9Ni steel in 2010. at present, the maximum thickness of 9Ni steel is 50mm, which is the largest in China. 9Ni steel is imported instead of import in the world's largest LNG automobile ro / ro ship manufacturing, which greatly meets the demand for special wide and thick steel plate in the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry in China.

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