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[SMM report] Ren Qiu Yanze Metal Materials Co., Ltd. established three dominant products to attract market attention
Jan 9,2018
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Hebei Renqiu Changhe Metal sales Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changhe Metal sales") established Hebei Renqiu Yanze Metal Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Yanze"). Yanze will begin gradually docking all the business of the long River from January 15, 2018.

Yanze Zn-Ni Alloy production equipment

It is understood that the company has three main advantages of products, and attracted the attention of the industry.

Hot-blown profile alloy:

It is understood that Yanze from the traditional rare earth alloy in the galvanizing market, through independent research and development, improve the proportion of rare metal elements in the alloy, upgrade to a multi-element alloy, at the same time, under the condition of price friendly to the people, The fluidity of zinc bath, the brightness of galvanized profile, the amount of alloy added and the control of galvanized layer thickness have been upgraded in an all-round way, and the hot-blown profile alloy has been made. The alloy has been verified by many manufacturers, and the material meets the process and requirements of hot-blown profile manufacturers.

Yanze rare earth multielement alloy

Hot-blown steel pipe alloy:

Yanze increased the fluidity of zinc liquid by adding metal composition in smelting alloy. at the same time, it melted an ore element at high temperature. finally, the alloy used in galvanized steel pipe was obtained, and a new breakthrough in technology was realized. Especially under the support practice of the old customers of the galvanized steel pipe market, the company's products not only reduce the zinc layer, but also ensure the brightness of the appearance of the steel pipe products, verify the efficacy of the products and the effect is remarkable. It has been well received by steel pipe manufacturers in the galvanized market in the industry.

Yanze hot-blown steel pipe alloy

Yanze raw material

Yanze Zn-Ni alloy

Zinc liquid purifier:

Smokeless environmental protection type, the addition amount is small, the effect is obvious.

Yanze zinc liquid purifying agent

Hebei Renqiu Yanze Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

Hebei Renqiu Changhe Metal sales Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Yinhe Metal products Co., Ltd., initially processed hot-dip galvanized profiles, pipes, and then through the transformation of process equipment, processing power gold tools, iron towers. Starting from the hot-dip galvanizing plant, after maturing in practical operation, production technology, zinc liquid adjustment and so on, the products such as hot-blown profile alloy, hot-blown steel pipe alloy, zinc-nickel alloy, multi-element alloy, zinc liquid purifying agent and so on have been independently developed. For Yanze in the zinc alloy industry to lay a solid foundation for the industry, and so that Yanze has a broad market share.

Hebei Renqiu Yanze Metal material Co., Ltd. is located next to the beautiful and rich Baiyangdian Lake, adjacent to Baocang Expressway in the south and 3 kilometers north of Daguang Expressway, with superior geography and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of 15000m m2, with 29 employees and 3 technical and managerial personnel. From now on, Yanze will no longer use the "JL" trademark hot-dip galvanized alloy produced and sold by Changhe Company in 2004. in the future, the company will mainly use the "Yanze" trademark hot-dip galvanized alloy.

Yanze's spacious and tidy workshop

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