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First batch of rare earth quotas in 2019 dip 18% YoY: MIIT
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Mar 15,2019

SHANGHAI, Mar 15 (SMM) – China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and Ministry of Natural Resources released on Friday March 15 the first batch of quotas for rare earth exploration, separation, smelting for 2019.

The limits for rare earth exploration stood at 60,000 mt, and limits for separation and smelting at 57,500 mt, down 13,500 mt and 12,500 mt, respectively, from the same batch last year. 

Quotas in the first batch dropped 18% from the same batch in 2018. 

The authorities will release the second batch of limits for 2019 by the end of June. 

Rare earth separators, smelters adopting outdated techniques and with annual capacity below 2,000 mt of rare earth oxide were required to suspend or undertake rectification, according to the release.  

In 2018, China's overall limits for rare earth exploration came in at 120,000 mt, and limits for separation and smelting at 115,000 mt. 

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