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Zhengzhou to Launch Ban on Earthwork, Influencing Carbon and Aluminium Industry
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SHANGHAI, Nov.13 (SMM)-With the upcoming heating season in Zhengzhou, the important ban on earthwork for air pollution control during autumn and winter will come into effect. According to the official notice released by Zhengzhou Municipal Government, during heating season (Nov.15th 2017 to Mar.15th 2018), all earthwork within built urban area, including house demolition, road construction, hydraulic engineering, land consolidation shall stop working.

During the entire heating season, the city government will focus on below two work. The first is to strengthen governance on unorganized emission of 51 enterprises in 6 links including furnace materials transport, load and unload, storage, removal and transfer as well as production technical process in five industries including steel, building materials, nonferrous metals, thermal power and coking.

The second is to implement stagger production and production limit of 11 industries including carbon, aluminium, alumina, secondary nonferrous metals, pharmaceutical companies of bulk drug production, cement, brick-tile kilns, ceramics, rock wool, plasterboard and refractory material. The duration is from Nov.15th 2017 to Mar.15th 2018.

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