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Motive Battery Producers Hold High Operating Rates for Previous Order Delivery, SMM Reports
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Jun 29,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 29 (SMM) – Motive battery distributors in Shandong report falling sales as most retailers already have built up stocks early the month in response to continuous rises in lead price.

China Motive Battery Consumption Slows Down on Rainy Weather, SMM Learns

Orders at battery producers in Jiangsu shot up sharply in June on a monthly basis after lead price surge incentivized purchase interest by distributors. Those producers hold operating rate above 90% and purchased raw material based on orders.

Ignition Battery Orders Decline amid Falling Lead Price, SMM Reports

Battery producers in Zhejiang mainly deliver orders to distributors signed previously and keep operating rate at around 80%. There are few new orders with poor end-user demand and financial strain at month-end.

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