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Indian Containerized Shredded Scrap import prices remain flat; Plastic Scrap prices show mixed trend
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Jun 16,2017

INDIA June 16 2017 3:48 PM

MUMBAI (Scrap Register): The containerized shredded scrap import weekly average prices in India remained flat in the ended May 26 this year, while major Indian plastic scrap prices on the Scrap Register Price Index showed a mixed trend.
According to the Steel Index, prices for shredded containerized scrap imports into India remained flat the week at $295 a ton. 
Market sources stated that mills have continued to show preference to domestic material as they are reportedly still waiting for the shipments of previously booked bulk cargoes.
According to Scrap Register Price Index, the plastic scrap commodities like Acrylic, C.P.W, HD Blowing, PVC resin desi, HD Moulding (Colour), LLDP Blowing and PVC pest grade traded lower, while ABS(bayr), API and Hips(Baff) showed flat trend.

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