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Raw Material Shortage to Severely Hit Alumina Production in Guizhou, SMM Says
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Jun 2,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 2 (SMM) – Alumina production in Guizhou, one of China’s major alumina producing provinces, will be severely restricted by raw material shortages in June, SMM expects.

Looming Production Restarts to Pressure Alumina Prices, SMM Reports

All bauxite mines in Guizhou shut down for failure to pass environmental checks in May, except Chalco’s Maida bauxite mine, which meets environmental protection requirement. Local mines still failed to reach standards during the environmental rechecks at the end of May and are not allowed to resume production until they meet requirements. This will tighten bauxite supply in June. 

What’s worse, lime supply is even tighter than bauxite. Almost all lime producers in Guizhou closed in May and may not resume production in June. 

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