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Looming Production Restarts to Pressure Alumina Prices, SMM Reports
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Jun 2,2017

SHANGHAI, Jun. 2 (SMM) – Alumina prices in China, whose recent rally was fueled by production cutbacks, could face pressure from possible massive production restarts, SMM understands. 
Roughly 2.17 million tonnes of alumina capacity, which was cut due to environmental issue and accounted for 56.7% of total capacity cuts, may come back online once environmental checks end at the end of May, SMM expects.

Raw Material Shortage to Severely Hit Alumina Production in Guizhou, SMM Says

The average alumina price in domestic four major markets jumped 7.54% to 2,473 yuan/tonne as of May 26. 

Chalco Hikes Aluminum Prices in Major Markets on June 2 After Deep Cuts

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