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Lead market surplus totaled 33kt during Jan-Nov 2015
Jan 22,2016 16:10CST
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The global lead market surplus has widened during the initial eleven-month period of 2015.

By Carolina Curiel (ScrapMonster Author)

January 22, 2016 02:12:04 AM

BRUSSELS (Scrap Monster): The global lead market has recorded a surplus of 33,000 tonnes during January to November last year, as mentioned in the latest metals balances report published by the World Bureau of Metal Statistics (WBMS). It must be noted that the worldwide lead market had reported a deficit of 35.1kt for the entire year 2014.

The global refined lead output during Jan-Nov ’15 declined by 7.57% over the previous year to 9,239 kt. This is inclusive of production from primary and secondary sources.

The lead mine production during January to November last year fell significantly by over 11%. This was mainly on account of 24.1% fall in mine output by China. Also, lead mine output by Australia dropped by 7.7% during this period.

The global lead demand during Jan-Nov ’15 has dropped by 796kt. The Chinese apparent consumption recorded sharp fall of 17% during this period. The usage by the US declined by 4.8%, whereas Europe recorded marginal drop of 0.7% in lead consumption during this period. The overall global lead usage registered a decline of 8% year-on-year.

According to the report, reported stocks of the metal at the end of November this year dropped by 154 kt when matched with the stock levels during the end of corresponding 11-month period in 2014.

The global mine production during the eleven-month period from January to November last year totaled 4,015 kt. The lead metal production totaled 9,239 kt during this period. The metal usage amounted to 9,206 kt. The mine production totaled 325.9 kt during the month of Nov ’15 alone. The lead metal production totaled 865.9 kt, whereas global lead usage totaled 863.0 kt during the month.

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