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SMM Update of Chinese NPI Projects in Indonesia in September
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Sep 18,2015

SHANGHAI, Sept. 18 (SMM) – How Chinese NPI projects in Indonesia progress? Shanghai Metals Market gives you the latest update of major projects as of early September.


Five Chinese NPI projects in Indonesia have come online so far this year, as shown in the table above, according to SMM survey. Of those, Tsingshan Group’s phase one project become the only one with annual capacity of 30,000 tonnes in Ni content, and others have an annual capacity of less than 3,000 tonnes in Ni content. 

Most of NPI projects in operation or under construction in Indonesia employ 80 m3 BFs because of smaller investment and quicker payback.   

Tsingshan Group is scheduled to put online its phase two project, 60,000 tonnes in Ni content in annual capacity, in December 2015, but product might not be available immediately this year. 

SMM expects Chinese NPI projects in Indonesia to release 102,700-tonne NPI capacities (Ni content) in 2015, and to yield 21,900 tonnes (Ni content) in NPI output.    

Huadi Steel Group will not commence NPI project in Indonesia in 2015 due to the delay of its substation construction. Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Corp.-Titan will delay also its project significantly due to technical and financial issues. As such, projects of the two companies have been removed from the table above. Jiangpu Stainless Steel named its plant in Indonesia as Indonesia Jinlin Nickel Industry, so the name in the table has been replaced by the new one.       

SMM survey also finds that during the early phase of projects, NPI produced with EAF in Indonesia has no cost advantage for shipment to China. RKEF-based NPI in Indonesia enjoys lower cash costs than that in China, but it has no obvious advantage in full costs for shipment to China. 

For more information on NPI projects in Indonesia, you could subscribe to SMM’s exclusive Survey Report on Indonesian NPI Projects, including 14 charts of capacity and output forecast, and costs, and 7 photos of projects. 

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