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How Does Beijing Parade Affect Copper and Aluminum Market in North China? SMM Surveys
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Sep 8,2015

SHANGHAI, Sept. 8 (SMM) – Copper and aluminum producers, which were required to suspend production from late August to early September, start to resume production following Beijing’s parade. 

How do the closures affect the copper and aluminum market in north China? SMM survey will help you better understand it.  

“The impact on copper market from closures during the Beijing’s parade period, mainly from Aug. 15 to Sept. 9, is negligible due to the already low operation rate,” SMM says. 

Tianjin and Hebei is a major collection and distribution center of scrap copper in north China, but utilization rate at scrap copper producers in the region has been largely around 30-40% in recent years due to environmental protection pressures and price factor, according to SMM data. 

Moreover, local scrap copper producers suffer a relatively lower pressure from environmental protection inspections, as they are generally well equipped with environmental protection facilities, SMM adds. 

For the aluminum market in north China, supply of aluminum alloy ingot was down during the period from Aug. 28 to Sept. 5 when aluminum producers in Hebei, Tianjin and Beijing shut down for Beijing’s parade. The decline in supply gave a support to local aluminum alloy ingot prices, but any boost will be small due to short-term suspension, SMM survey finds.  

The followings are SMM data of premiums and discounts of refined copper, and ADC 12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot Prices in North China from Aug. 15 to now.  

SMM Premiums/Discounts of Refined Copper in North China


SMM ADC 12 Aluminum Alloy Ingot Price in North China


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