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Zinc supply deficit dream, shatters
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 Author: Paul Ploumis29 Oct 2014 Last updated at 06:08:40 GMT

CANBERRA (Scrap Monster): The giant Century zinc and lead mine, began its operations late in the year  1999, with lot of expectations from the company. The stories of structural shift in the zinc market for supply surplus to supply deficit are being spread as one of the largest zinc mines in the worlds is closing up its door.
Now all the  analyst might think that, all their forecasts are falling right into the places where they expected to be, but unfortunately for them things might be slightly different from what they are thinking it to be. The Century mine of MMG Group is planning has decided to0 extend their closure to one more quarter, shattering all the  chance of supply deficit. Even though it might not create much difference, the announcements have shattered all the forecast of many analysts, of zinc balance in the  coming year. 
It seems to be like to be a warning that, all the forecasts might not be 100 percent sure, everything has its own probabilities. Century mine is not the first among the mines who struggles to keep their fighting up to  survive. For a last chance in the  hope that they will survive. 
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