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SMM Tin Weekly Price Review and Forecast (Aug. 18-22, 2014)
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Aug 18,2014
SHANGHAI, Aug. 18 (SMM) –In Shanghai spot tin market, prices rose slightly in the week ending August 15 due largely to falling supply, with mainstream traded prices up to RMB 140,000-142,000/mt last Friday. Yunnan Tin group stockpiled goods in the market for its processing business, the major reason behind the falling supply. The low-end price moved higher, but the high-end price was stagnant. Downstream producers entered the market given the tight supply, but overall consumption was only modest. Yunnan Tin group held offers stable at RMB 141,500-142,000/mt, while China Tin Group and Yunnan Chengfeng Non-ferrous Metals raised offers out of optimism over the market outlook. 
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