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Lead-Acid Battery Producers Active in Establishing Recycling System
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SHANGHAI, Apr. 5 (SMM) – The Comments on Promoting Development of Lead-Acid Battery and Secondary Lead Sector released in late March requires the extension of responsibility of lead-acid battery producers or importers to battery recycling.

According to the Comments, the recycling rate of lead-acid batteries should exceed 90%, and the proportion of recycled lead should be above 50%. As most of battery recyclers in China are still individual traders, the recycling rate of battery is still rather low and the recycling procedure brings enormous pollution. 
In this context, the Ministry of Industry & Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance, and the National Development & Reform Commission, after collecting information and opinions from experts and industrial insiders, decided to develop the Regulation Rules for Recycling of Scrap Lead-Acid Batteries. Battery producers and importers are encouraged to organize recycling activity through their sales networks, and battery producers, traders, professional recyclers, and secondary lead smelters should jointly establish recycling system.
SMM confirmed that Tianneng Power has developed its own way of battery replacement at its sales outlets to recover batteries. The recovered batteries will be then be treated in recycling industrial park, and 100,000 mt of secondary lead will be produced through 150,000 mt of scrap batteries each year.
Chaowei Power’s director Zhou Zhaoxue also revealed at the Shanghai Lead & Zinc Summit 2013 that the companies is planning to build battery recycling network jointly with experienced secondary lead smelters in China. 
Tianneng Power’s chairman proposed to improve domestic scrap battery recycling market while attending the NPC and CPPCC sessions, and required reasonable planning and legal reviews for battery distributors and 4S stores. 
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