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[Pb] Domestic Lead Prices Sharp Rising Draws Attention
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Dec 7,2009

SHANGHAI, Dec. 12 (CBI China) -- This week the domestic lead price rose by RMB 500/mt in a single day repeatedly, which pulled the lead prices from below RMB 9000/mt to above RMB 11200 and exceeded the aluminum price and zinc price during the same period. The round of increase is similar with the trend in July. On the one hand, the inventory of producers has been consumed and production was booked, which led to the limited market supply; on the other hand, downstream and end-users prefer to buy at low price rather than at high price, so their orders increased slightly, they would like to buy stocks in traditional consumer season with relatively high interest; Moreover, after fell during October and November, lead stocks were likely to be sold out compared to other metals (such as aluminum, zinc) by "hunters", and lead prices were relatively vulnerable to be pushed up by suppliers. 

    At present, sharp increase in domestic lead price has been widening differences between supply and demand, in the second half of 2008 this trend has been hurt the self-development of the industry to a certain extent, moreover, it will not be good for the self-amendment of the industry in 2009.


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