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National Bureau of Statistics: The Consumer Price Index-Hot
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Dec 7,2009

BEIJING, May 4 (CBI China) -- National Bureau of Statistics announced yesterday the recent 12 months of early warning signals map of macro-economic climate index, in which the consumer price index turns on "yellow light" for 7 months.

    National Bureau of Statistics explained that the "yellow light" means "hot side." From September in 2007 to March in 2008, China's consumer price index has turned on "yellow light."

    Statistics show that China's consumer price index was 6.2% in September 2007 and was 8.3% in March 2008. Through history, China's consumer price index hit a new high in 11 years.

    The deputy director of the Economic Operation Bureau of National Development and Reform Commission Zhu Hongren talked about the next step of economic operation on 29th and pointed out the need to continue to implement "anti-double", in particular, to control inflation and to put inflation controlling in more prominent position.

    The release of the early warning signal map of the macro-economic climate index also shows that China's industrial production, fixed asset investment, import and export, profits of industrial enterprises, disposable income of residents, loans, money supply M2, and other index turn on "green light" (Stability). However, total retail sales of consumer goods turns on "yellow light" (hot side) and the revenue turns on "red light" (heat) for 11 months.

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