Chaowei Group expands NEVs business to Thailand, Southeast Asia

The move is linked to China's Belt and Road Initiative that aims to improve regional cooperation and connectivity

10:29:21AM Sep 30, 2018

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China to make first exports of hydrogen cell vehicles

Chinese automaker Feichi will supply Malaysia with hydrogen cell buses, in an MoU signed on Monday Sep 10

03:43:17PM Sep 13, 2018

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Northern Rare Earth Group to Lower Listing Price in December

Today Northern Rare Earth Group released its listing price of rare earth oxide in December.

11:42:57AM Dec 04, 2017

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Southern Rare Earth Group Releases Listing Price This Week

China Southern Rare Earth Group releases listing price of oxide this week, remaining same level as last week. This is the consecutive fourth week of same level oxide offer of this company.

09:41:10AM Nov 07, 2017

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Northern Rare Earth Group Cooperates with Xiamen Tungsten

Northern Rare Earth Group and Xiamen Tungsten released announcement at the same time during night of Nov.1st.

08:59:21AM Nov 02, 2017

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Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals to Return to Profitability in First Three Quarters on Higher Rare Earth Price

Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals Co. said it may return to profitability in the first three quarters of the year, thanks to a rally in rare earth prices.

06:34:14PM Oct 12, 2017

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Rare earth price rebounds, Rising Non-ferrous Metals Expected to Stop Loss

Rising Non-ferrous Metals disclosed its performance projection, saying that it is estimated to stop loss during the first three quarters, with profits from 5 to 10 million yuan.

04:29:23PM Oct 12, 2017

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BMW Eyeing JV with China’s Great Wall

BMW is considering building a JV with China’s automaker Great Wall, according to a source.

05:08:26PM Oct 11, 2017

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Global Petroleum Giant to Set Foot into Electric Car Market 

Shell announced recently that it will establish its first electric car charging station.

04:16:46PM Sep 30, 2017

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SMM Notice of 2017 Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn Holidays

As 2017 Chinese National Day and Mid-Autumn holidays fall on October 1-8, there will be no update on SMM's website during the holiday period.

08:50:13AM Sep 30, 2017

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