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LiCarbonate Daily - Overview for March 22nd

iconMar 22, 2024 20:28
On March 22nd, lithium carbonate futures fell by 2.68% to 114,350 yuan/ton, while spot prices held at 112,550 yuan/ton, amid cautious purchasing and stable market sentiment.

Futures Contract Faces a Setback: On March 22nd, the lithium carbonate 2407 main contract experienced a significant decline of 2.68%, opening at 117,200 yuan/ton and closing at 114,350 yuan/ton. The trading day saw a volume of 243,895 with open interest dropping to 200,633, indicating a decrease of 7,390 from the previous session. The day's pricing dynamics showed an initial steady drop, a brief recovery after midday, followed by a sharp decline towards the close.

Spot Market Stability Amidst Futures Volatility: Despite the downturn in futures, spot prices for battery-grade lithium carbonate maintained consistency, quoted between 110,000 and 115,100 yuan/ton, with the average price remaining at 112,550 yuan/ton. The SMM battery-grade lithium carbonate index slightly decreased by 30 yuan to 111,632 yuan/ton. However, industrial-grade lithium carbonate saw a bit of positivity, with its average price increasing by 500 yuan to 108,000 yuan/ton.

Market Sentiment and Strategy: Lithium carbonate suppliers mostly kept their prices in line with the previous day, with a few traders slightly lowering their quotes. Despite this, downstream cathode and other industries continued their cautious approach towards purchasing battery-grade lithium carbonate, focusing on necessity-based acquisitions at lower prices and limited restocking efforts. This caution has led to a watchful atmosphere in the spot market, with overall prices remaining stable.

Concluding Insights: The lithium carbonate market on March 22nd presented a contrasting scenario of futures market pressure against a backdrop of relative spot market stability. The downward adjustment in futures contrasts with the steadfast spot pricing, underscoring the cautious optimism prevailing among market participants. With most stakeholders maintaining a watchful stance and prioritizing strategic purchases, the market reflects a balanced approach to navigating current uncertainties, indicating a careful progression towards equilibrium amidst fluctuating signals.

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