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LiCarbonate Daily - March 18th Overview

iconMar 18, 2024 18:16
On March 18th, lithium carbonate futures increased by 3.00% to 116,900 yuan/ton, with spot prices mildly rising to an average of 112,550 yuan/ton, amidst strategic market adjustments.

Futures See Notable Increase: On March 18th, the lithium carbonate 2407 main contract enjoyed a 3.00% uplift, opening at 114,700 yuan/ton and closing at 116,900 yuan/ton. The trading activity was vibrant, with 333,726 transactions recorded, though open interest saw a slight dip, decreasing by 1,164 to 205,503. The day's trading pattern was marked by an initial upward fluctuation, ending the session on a high note despite a significant drop towards the close.

Spot Prices Edge Higher: The battery-grade lithium carbonate spot market witnessed a modest increase, with prices spanning from 110,000 to 115,100 yuan/ton and the average price reaching 112,550 yuan/ton, up by 300 yuan/ton from the previous day. This incremental rise reflects the market's gradual adjustment to current supply and demand dynamics.

Market Dynamics Shift: The SMM battery-grade lithium carbonate index climbed to 111,306 yuan/ton, marking an increase of 837 yuan/ton. Prices across the board showed a slight uptick, with industrial-grade lithium carbonate also registering growth, its average price ascending by 600 yuan/ton to 107,500 yuan/ton. Lithium salt companies continued their focus on long-term contracts, with some adjustments in spot prices observed from the last week, hinting at a cautious optimism among sellers.

Downstream Purchasing Patterns: Cathode manufacturers largely stuck to long-term and customer-supplied contracts as their primary procurement channels, with recent purchases adequately covering short-term production needs. Despite the availability of higher-priced spot offerings, the response from buyers remained tepid, indicating a preference for necessity-based purchasing amidst a cautious approach to inventory management.

Looking Forward: As the lithium carbonate market on March 18th showcases a balance between cautious supply adjustments and steady demand, the overall sentiment leans towards a strategic approach by both suppliers and buyers. With futures prices marking a significant increase and spot prices seeing a gentle rise, the market's current trajectory suggests a careful navigation through prevailing economic conditions, with an eye on sustainable growth and stability in the lithium sector.

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