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[daily stock market review] the sky floor reappears! When the market style switching of high-level stocks is in the period of collective ebb,

iconApr 18, 2022 16:48

The three major indices diverged throughout the day, the Shanghai Composite Index fluctuated and adjusted, and the gem index bottomed out and rose by more than 1%. On the disk, the chicken plate rose sharply, and the shares of Xiantan rose by the limit. Auto parts plate throughout the day strong, individual stocks within the plate set off a stop tide. In terms of decline, the large financial sector collectively adjusted, Oriental Securities fell by the limit, and China Merchants Bank fell by more than 7%. In addition, the market short-term mood is poor, a number of early high popularity stocks fell to the limit, 3 shares staged "sky floor". On the whole, stocks rose more than fell less, and more than 2800 stocks in the two cities rose. Today's turnover on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets is 778.3 billion, a decrease of 132.9 billion compared with the previous trading day, and the trading volume between the two markets has shrunk sharply today. Plate, chicken, auto parts, pork, auto chips and other plates led the increase, coal, real estate, securities, banks and other sectors led the decline.

Plate aspect

Today, agricultural stocks strengthened again, especially in the chicken sector, with Xiaoming shares up more than 10%, Minhe shares and prebiotics shares rising by the daily limit. On the news side, as bird flu continues to spread in the United States, and China is a big importer of white-feathered chickens in the United States, it is expected to have an impact on the supply of white chickens in China. According to Mysteel agricultural data, the national average price of chicken seedlings rose from 0.69 yuan on March 23 to 1.84 yuan on April 13, an increase of 166.67 percent. Oriental Securities believes that the depressed market of white chicken has been going on for a long time, the marginal improvement signal appears, and the price will pick up with the supply pressure in the later stage; at the same time, the bird flu epidemic in North America is gradually fermenting and the risk of domestic provenance supply is accumulating. Pay attention to the development of Shengnong, which has the ability of independent breeding and the integrated white chicken leader of the whole industrial chain, as well as the shares of Minhe and probiotics in the upper reaches of the industrial chain.

On the other hand, stimulated by the news that Shanghai is gradually promoting the resumption of work and production, auto parts and semiconductor plates are strong. Among them, the auto parts plate is set off a trading tide, gem Zhongjie Seiko, Bojun Technology, Ningbo Fangzheng 20CM limit, Cabe 100 million, Newtag, East Arrow Technology and other stocks rose more than 10%. The above two major plates have experienced a huge callback arrangement in the early stage, and there is a need for technical repair. And then superimposed today's resumption of work and production of the news side stimulation, the overall formation of a relatively strong deep rebound. However, it should be noted that the medium-term trend of the above two sectors is still in a short-term trend that is easy to fall but difficult to rise, and there are more tied selling pressure accumulated above, combined with the generally short maintenance time of the current hot spots in the market, it is still difficult to complete the reversal of the trend in one fell swoop, and its continuity remains to be observed after the positive sentiment is concentrated and released.


Individual stocks

Chongqing Development, Zhongjiao Real Estate and Nanguo Real Estate collectively staged the sky floor in the afternoon, and the high-end real estate stocks were once again in low tide. As emphasized in the review last week, Zhongjiao Real Estate and Chongqing Development can be regarded as the emotional weather vane of short-term high standards, and when they encounter concentrated selling pressure, it is a sign that the real estate sector is weakening in the short term. It is expected that next, the real estate sector will need a period of time to gradually repair the money-losing effect. But up to now, the better thing is that although the heavy property rights of Poly Development, Vanke An and China Merchants Shekou are not light today, they have not revealed any obvious amount of energy, which belongs to the category of reasonable increase and callback, and the medium-term trend has not been destroyed. Therefore, for the real estate sector as a whole, the follow-up focus on weakening prices of 1380 (access to letter real estate index), once it is effectively broken in the follow-up trend, medium-term shock upward inertia is destroyed, then the time and space of the follow-up adjustment of real estate will be further extended.

Recently, the phenomenon of high-level sky floor is more frequent, which can be regarded as the concentrated expression of market fear of heights, which may mean that the market style is quietly changing. The most direct embodiment is the recent link of individual stocks and height have shown a significant decline. Take today as an example, except for the 6 boards promoted by Changlian shares, only two stocks have completed 3 boards, and the short-term moneymaking effect has always shown a downward trend. On the other hand, some consumer white horse plates and even track weights have traces of capital return and are accompanied by certain signs of bottoming. In this context, the follow-up market style may gradually change from short-term themes to institutional trends.


Future analysis

By the close, the Prev index was down 0.49%, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 0.37%, and the gem index was up 1.11%. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect is closed today because of Hong Kong public holiday.

Today, the motherboard closed down slightly under the weight of bank brokerage real estate, but from a structural point of view, the market still maintains a relatively obvious interval consolidation trend, and whether it can break through the box high point of 3290 ±20 is the key to strengthening in the medium term. and before that, the trend of repeated shock bottoming will continue. The gem in semiconductors and photovoltaic and other track stocks ushered in a rebound, but the only problem is that the volume of today's rebound can be slightly insufficient, whether tomorrow can further replenish the rise is still the key.

In terms of mood, it rose 2858, an increase of 1840 over the previous trading day. In the case of excluding St shares and unopened new shares, 77 rose by the limit, 38 more than the previous trading day; fried board 17, 15 fewer than the previous trading day; gem / Science and Technology Innovation Board shares rose 4, 2 more than the previous trading day; 0 fell by the limit, 1 less than the previous trading day.

In terms of emotional indicators, with the collective ebb of high-level stocks, market sentiment fell back to near the freezing point again. However, from today's point of view, there is a good moneymaking effect in the overfalling direction of the market, and market sentiment is expected to pick up when it can continue tomorrow.


Focus on market news

1. Yinbang shares: promise to supply battery water-cooled plate materials to Ningde era with a minimum total of 361800 tons

Financial Associated Press, Yinbang Co., Ltd. announced that the company signed a memorandum of cooperation with Ningde Times, promising to directly or indirectly supply battery water-cooled plate materials (used in new energy vehicles, energy storage, etc.) to Ningde era, with a total supply of 361800 tons.

2. A teleconference on ensuring the smooth flow of logistics and promoting the stability of the industrial chain supply chain was held in Beijing.

Financial Associated Press, April 18, Liu he, member of the political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and vice premier of the State Council, attended the meeting and deployed ten important measures. It is required to strive to achieve "people's livelihood to support the bottom, freight transport to be smooth, and the industry to be recycled." Persist in taking the people as the center and have the overall situation in mind. It is necessary to care for the lives and physical and mental health of the masses and epidemic prevention personnel, improve the working and living conditions of logistics workers, and give financial support such as delaying loan repayment. A national unified pass for the use of nucleic acid testing results should be issued in sufficient quantities, and the nucleic acid test results should be recognized across the country within 48 hours, and the closed-loop management of "pick-up-and-chase" should be implemented, and traffic should not be restricted on the grounds of waiting for nucleic acid results. It is necessary to tackle key problems one by one and solve outstanding problems in key areas. Efforts should be made to stabilize the supply chain of the industrial chain, and 1 trillion yuan of funds should be leveraged through 200 billion yuan of re-loans for scientific and technological innovation and 100 billion yuan of re-loans for transportation and logistics. establish a whitelist of key industries and foreign trade enterprises such as automobiles, integrated circuits, consumer electronics, equipment manufacturing, agricultural materials, food, and medicine.

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