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Metal in early trading more than red Shanghai nickel rose more than 2.4% black series have risen one after another [SMM afternoon review]

iconApr 18, 2022 11:57

SMM April 18: the US dollar fluctuates higher today, and the metal market is under pressure. Most of the metal in the inner market was floating red, and Shanghai zinc and Shanghai tin still maintained a decline in the morning, but Shanghai zinc pulled back near midday, and finally closed down 0.09%. Shanghai tin bore the brunt with a decline of 0.36 per cent. Shanghai Nickel rose 2.43%, showing that one ride is dust-free. Shanghai lead narrowed to 1% at midday.

Black is more than earlier trading has risen to varying degrees. Stainless steel was only green, closing down 1.39%. Hot coil, thread and iron ore have turned red smoothly, iron ore led the way with an increase of 1.37%, thread closed up 0.69%, hot coil rose 0.21%. Double coke floated green, coking coal closed down 2.36%, and coke fell 0.33%.

The London Metal Exchange (LME) is closed from Friday, April 15 to Monday, April 18 because of good Friday and Easter holidays.

In terms of crude oil, international crude oil futures rose on Monday on growing concerns about global supply constraints and the West is likely to impose tougher sanctions on Russia, the world's largest oil exporter, as the crisis in Ukraine intensifies.

In precious metals, gold prices rose on Monday, hitting their highest level since March, as the crisis in Russia and Ukraine prompted investors to turn to the gold market as a safe haven.

Spot market at a glance


Today, the spot price of electrolytic copper in North China is quoted as rising 0 yuan / ton to 100 yuan / ton for that month's contract. The average discount of 50 yuan / ton is 180 yuan / ton higher than that of the previous trading day. The transaction price is 74950-75200 yuan / ton, and the average price is 75075 yuan / ton lower than the previous trading day. The price of copper opened high and went low today.

"there are very few actual transactions in the lower reaches of the rising water in North China [SMM].

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For aluminum:

Boosted by the domestic reserve cut on Friday and the news of the easing of the epidemic in Shanghai over the weekend, Shanghai Aluminum showed a high concussion trend before noon, and the trading center of gravity remained stable above 21800 / ton, and rose to around 21900 yuan / ton at one point. East China spot market, early trading discount than last Friday remained stable, the overall maintenance of the monthly discount of 40 yuan / ton, the holder will be strong, low-price supply is insufficient. Central Plains (Gongyi) early trading continued to be strong, actually sticking around 60 yuan / ton, affected by the continuous decline in Gongyi inventory, the holder is more willing to raise the price.

"Information on the reduction of reserve requirements and the weakening of the impact of the epidemic situation will boost the high-level operation of Shanghai Aluminum before noon in the market [SMM Aluminum spot afternoon Review]

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By the close of noon, the contracts in the metals and crude oil markets:

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