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Metal up, more down, less Shanghai nickel up 2.39%, Shanghai zinc down nearly 2% [SMM Daily Review]
Apr 14, 2022 17:38CST
[SMM Daily Review: metal up more down less Shanghai zinc up 2.39% Shanghai zinc fell nearly 2%] the inner plate metal rose generally, as of the day's close, Shanghai nickel closed up 2.39%, Shanghai aluminum and tin rose about 1.5%, Shanghai zinc fell nearly 2%, Shanghai lead fell 0.5%. Black rose across the board, of which coke rose by more than 3%, coking coal and thermal coal by more than 1.3%, stainless steel by 0.84% and thread by 0.6%.

SMM4 March 14: today, the dollar index, crude oil futures volatility weakened, as of 16:20, the dollar index fell 0.17%, US crude oil and Brent crude oil fell more than 1%.

Metal futures market: metal in the inner market rose generally. By the end of the day, Shanghai nickel closed up 2.39%, Shanghai aluminum and tin rose about 1.5%, Shanghai zinc fell nearly 2%, and Shanghai lead fell 0.5%.

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Black rose across the board, of which coke rose by more than 3%, coking coal and thermal coal by more than 1.3%, stainless steel by 0.84% and thread by 0.6%.

LME metal is mixed. As of around 16:45, Lun aluminum and tin are up more than 1%; Lun zinc is down more than 1%; Lunni is almost flat, down 0.02%; and Lun copper is up 0.45%.

As at 16:49 on April 14th:

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SMM Daily Review

SMM Daily Review: relative list of Alumina prices at Home and abroad

Today's Western Australia FOB alumina offer 385 U.S. dollars / ton, maintaining yesterday's quotation, overseas prices in the 380 U.S. dollars / ton position to get some support, waiting for a new deal. Affected by the epidemic in China, the transportation of raw materials and finished alumina products have been affected. After the obvious decline in automobile transport capacity, most manufacturers began to look for fire transportation, resulting in increased pressure on fire transportation, short-term northern alumina prices. "View details

ADC12 Price Daily Review: aluminum prices continue to rise, recycled aluminum prices rise slightly

Today, aluminum prices are still on the rise, SMM A00 aluminum prices rose 400 yuan / ton to 22460 yuan / ton compared with yesterday, recycled aluminum prices rose partly. Domestic prices, domestic large recycled aluminum enterprises quoted prices rose 100-150 yuan / ton to 21350-21750 yuan / ton; small and medium-sized factories, the offer is small …... "View details

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Brief Review of Zinc in SMM period: calmness callback of Zinc bulls reducing positions

On the supply side, the Shanghai-Lun ratio is as low as 6.27, the import loss of zinc ingots is as high as 6031 yuan / ton, and the import window of the mine side continues to be closed. On the consumer side, zinc prices have fallen at a high level today, and some downstream manufacturers are buying every bargain. Die-casting zinc alloy, one of the three downstream plates of the zinc industry chain, nearly 94% of the raw materials are zinc ingots, the current high zinc price, superimposed epidemic disturbance, terminal fear of height and careful mining, the start of this plate is low. "View details

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Brief comment on SMM tin: the trend of tin is relatively stable. Now the tin quotation rises but the rising water pulls back.

Today, the contract price of Shanghai tin owner even closed up 1.61%. The all-day price mainly rose in the short term, and then the trend was relatively stable. In the spot market, the average price of today's traders and smelters rose 3500 yuan / ton as the tin market rose, but the spot price was higher than that of yesterday. "View details

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SMM Nickel Daily Review: the fundamentals of nickel price are strong, but the pressure above is strong. Recently, Shanghai Nickel has a strong shock.

On the supply side, the epidemic situation in Shanghai has not been alleviated for the time being, and the reduction of pure nickel production and import losses have led to a continuous shortage of domestic pure nickel supply. Affected by the epidemic and the high operation of nickel prices and strong volatility, the overall demand is weak, nickel sulfate raw material procurement. "View details

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Daily review of iron ore market

This week, the operating rate of the blast furnace calculated by SMM was 82.39%, an increase of 0.44% compared with the previous week, mainly due to the resumption of production of blast furnaces partially suspended due to the epidemic. According to SMM research, as of April 13, a total of 28 blast furnaces in China have been shut down by the epidemic, of which 15 have resumed production and restored the average daily output of hot metal. "View details

SMM Coke spot Daily Review: coking coal prices are still high to support coke prices

On the supply side, affected by the epidemic, inter-provincial transportation in Shanxi is still blocked, train carriages are tense, the arrival of coking coal in some coking enterprises is limited, production is passively reduced, and coke supply is tightened, but traffic on some roads from Shanxi to Tangshan has improved, and drivers' enthusiasm for pulling and transporting has increased. Demand side, Hebei, Shandong and other areas. "View details

The stock market closed

The three major indices diverged throughout the day, the Shanghai Composite Index and the Shenzhen Composite Index rose strongly, while the gem index concussion fell slightly.

On the market, coal stocks continued to break out, and the plate rose sharply again. COVID-19 test plate rose sharply, the real estate plate concussion strengthened. In terms of decline, ports, logistics and other recently active theme plates fell into adjustment. On the whole, stocks rose more than fell less, and more than 3100 stocks in the two cities rose. Today's turnover on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets is 870.1 billion, a decrease of 3.3 billion compared with the previous trading day.

In terms of plates, coal, COVID-19 testing, real estate development and other plates led the rise, ports, and other plates led the decline.

By the close, the Prev index was up 1.22%, the Shenzhen Composite Index was up 1.27%, and the gem index was down 0.02%. Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect is closed today because of Hong Kong public holiday.

Today, the coal industry sector rose sharply, with the sector index up 5.58%. In terms of individual stocks, Anyuan Coal Industry, Yunwei shares, Shanxi Coking, Pingshan Coal shares, Haohua Energy, Power Investment Energy all rose by the daily limit, while other stocks generally rose sharply.

The rise and fall of the three major A-share indexes coal stocks continue to break out in the real estate sector to strengthen [stock market closing]

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[SMM Today's News] Metal rally Shanghai Nickel closed up 2.54% | stainless steel transportation "made matters worse" | spot performance list

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