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The dollar rose in the inner market, Shanghai and Nickel rose alone, black iron ore rose more than 1% [SMM tracking]
Apr 8, 2022 09:56CST
[the dollar rose in the inner market, Shanghai and nickel rose alone, black iron ore rose by more than 1%] the US dollar continued to rise in early trading today, and crude oil fluctuated upwards. The metal continued to weaken, and the outer plate aluminum turned red, rising slightly by 0.43%. Everything else fell, Lunxi fell by more than 1%, Lun lead and Lun zinc fell slightly, and Lun copper continued to shake. Shanghai Nickel was only red in the inner market, up 0.66%. The decline in Shanghai tin expanded to 2%, Shanghai aluminum and Shanghai zinc fell by more than 1%, Shanghai lead fell nearly 1%, and Shanghai copper fell slightly. Black iron ore rose by 1.48%, stainless steel fell by 0.99%, and Rovone and hot rolls fell slightly. The falling trend of Shuangjiao was repaired, less than 0.2% fell slightly.

SMM4 March 8: the dollar continued to rise in morning trading and has risen for six consecutive days. Investors continue to digest the hawkish signal from the Fed, approaching the 100 mark.

As for crude oil, it fluctuated this morning. As of 09:45, it rose slightly, mainly because the contradiction between Russia and Ukraine heated up again, and the United States will legislate to impose an import ban on Russian oil. In addition, the European Union said it may adopt new measures, including a ban on Russian coal, and the next step will discuss the oil embargo.

Inner plate metals, continued to fall in early trading, Shanghai nickel continued to repair, as of 09:45, smoothly turned red, up 0.66% slightly. Shanghai tin's decline widened to 2 per cent to lead the decline. Shanghai zinc and Shanghai aluminum fell hard to stop, both fell more than 1%, Shanghai zinc fell 1.26%, Shanghai aluminum fell 1.08%. Shanghai lead fell nearly 1%, while Shanghai copper fell 0.14%.

In terms of black, iron ore turned red smoothly and went up all the way, up 1.48%. The decline of stainless steel narrowed to 0.99%, thread and hot coil fell slightly, thread fell slightly by 0.63%, hot coil fell slightly by 0.25%. The initial downward trend of the double coke plate was then repaired, with coking coal falling 0.19% and coke falling 0.11%.

The outer disk also fell, and Lunal rose and turned red compared with overnight, with a slight rise of 0.43%. Other varieties continued to decline, Lunxi extended the decline to 1.03%, Lun lead, lun zinc fell somewhat, Lun Zinc fell slightly by 0.48%, Lun lead fell by 0.25%. Lun copper continued to wobble, falling 0.12% as of 09:45.

As of 9:45

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Minutes of SMM Copper Morning meeting: Lun Copper inventory accumulated to 100, 000 mark copper price under pressure weakening repeated testing key support

Buoyed by hawkish Fed officials and positive support from lower-than-expected and previous US jobless claims last week, the dollar climbed to a nearly two-year high on Thursday and the weight of copper fell. On the spot side, after Ching Ming Festival, the Shanghai area is still under prevention and control of the epidemic. Under the full closure of the city, trade in Shanghai has dropped to a freezing point. "Click to view details

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Summary of SMM Aluminium Morning meeting: the correction of overseas energy prices led to the weakening of Lun Aluminium, which caused Shanghai Aluminum to open sharply lower overnight.

In the short term, it is unlikely that the domestic epidemic situation will return to zero in a short time, and the problem of transportation difficulties will also continue to interfere with the normal operation of the industry, the mismatch between domestic aluminum supply and demand will continue, and the stock of domestic aluminum society may be maintained in the first ten days of April. superimposed Yunnan and other places to speed up the resumption of production, the domestic aluminum fundamentals are concentrated, aluminum prices are mainly under pressure. In the medium to long term. "Click to view details

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Minutes of SMM lead Morning meeting: overnight lead callback consumption off-season market demand performance is average

On the supply side, according to the preliminary investigation of SMM, the supply of primary lead and recycled lead in April is expected to change little compared with March. When the epidemic affects production and transportation, the inventory of lead ingots continues to decline, and the impact of the epidemic on the lead industry chain should be continuously concerned. In terms of consumption, the performance of car battery orders was poor, and the wait-and-see mood gradually spread after the lead price fell, and the overall trading was light. "Click to view details

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Summary of SMM Zinc Morning meeting: weak reality in China highlights the high decline of zinc prices

The Fed's hawkish rhetoric and concerns about the domestic epidemic have dragged down zinc prices. The zinc in Shanghai recorded a negative column the other night, and the KDJ was dilated downward. On the consumer side, persistently high zinc prices led to weak terminal orders, overall restrictions on transportation, and some die-casting zinc alloy enterprises extended the Qingming Festival holiday. "Click to view details

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SMM Tin Morning News: Shanghai-Xi shock is weak and long-short funds enter cautiously

At this stage, the relationship between supply and demand does not show an obvious contradiction, the market is only disturbed by poor logistics, so the short-term trend is under the influence of low capital heat. "Click to view details

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Summary of SMM Nickel Morning meeting: nickel downstream manufacturers began rigid demand procurement, substantial supply and demand has not been alleviated.

On the supply side, the epidemic situation in Shanghai has not been alleviated, and the superimposed long-term import losses have aggravated the scarcity of goods in the market. recently, the spot market of pure nickel in Shanghai has maintained both supply and demand. As for nickel pig iron. "Click to view details

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Summary of SMM Steel Morning meeting: short-term pressurized operation with a slight decline in the period of snail

Yesterday's futures fell slightly, spot prices were weak, downstream demand fell, and the overall transaction was poor. The volatility and decline of the futures market has led to panic in the market mood. At present, low-cost resources have a strong impact on spot prices, under the epidemic. "Click to view details

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