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Pick up lithium electricity? Go northward to raise funds and the concept of wind power has become a new favorite of the organization.
Sep 21,2021 11:13CST

The weekly line of the Shanghai Composite Index ended at the end of Sanlianyang last week, down 2.41% in a week. On the plate side, the concept of wind power was strong, with the plate rising 6.01% in a week; the lithium battery plate, which is also a new energy track, showed an obvious pullback last Thursday and Friday.



The "Wind Control Plan of thousands of Townships and villages" returns to its field of vision.

On the face of the news, the "Wind Control Plan of thousands of Townships and villages" was mentioned again. On September 10, at the fourth symposium of leaders of wind energy development enterprises, Wang Dapeng, deputy director of the Department of New and Renewable Energy of the State Energy Administration, said: during the 14th five-year Plan period, the development of renewable energy in China will enter a new stage of large-scale, high-proportion, market-oriented and high-quality development. We will optimize the localized and standardized development of wind power in the "three north" areas, promote the development of comprehensive bases of water, wind and light in the southwest, and promote local development in the south of the Middle East, especially in the vast rural areas. We will promote the development of offshore wind power clusters in the eastern coastal areas. At the same time, the upgrading of old wind farms will be carried out in an orderly manner in areas with high-quality wind energy resources.

On September 16, the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Plan for improving the double Control system of Energy consumption intensity and Total amount". In the "Plan", it is proposed to improve the mechanism for setting and decomposing and implementing indicators for national and local energy consumption, optimize the decomposition and implementation of double control indicators for energy consumption, implement overall energy consumption for major national projects, resolutely manage and control projects with high energy consumption and high emissions, and encourage local governments to increase renewable energy consumption. Encourage local governments to exceed the target of reducing energy intensity and promote market-oriented trading of energy use indicators; We will improve the management system of dual control of energy consumption, promote the local implementation of energy budget management, strictly implement the energy conservation review system, and improve the assessment system of dual control of energy consumption.

Driven by the news, the wind power plate collectively rose last week, with Yunda shares, energy-saving wind power, Tianshun wind energy, electric wind power, Mingyang Intelligence and so on.

Investigation and study of wind power plates gathered together by institutions

According to statistics, 183 listed companies obtained institutional research in the week from September 13 to September 17, and Yunda shares became the stock with the largest number of research institutions in nearly a week. A total of 114 institutions surveyed the company, according to the data.

The research summary shows that some organizations have asked about the future development of the overseas fan market.

The company said that China's onshore wind power is in the world-class level in terms of technology and supply chain support capacity, the advantage of the cost side is becoming more obvious, and the international competitiveness is very strong. In the future, with the deepening of foreign customers' brand awareness of domestic fans, there will be broad prospects in the international market, especially in Belt and Road Initiative's country.

Yunda shares also said that while maintaining the advantages of onshore wind power technology, the company has launched a new generation of offshore wind power product research and development to enhance the core competitiveness of offshore wind power.

Yunda shares rose sharply last week and rose 20% on Friday, up 54.65% in a week.


In addition, Haide Control, Ketai Power supply, Jinfeng Technology and Hangzhou Pot shares, which also belong to the electrical equipment industry, have also obtained institutional research.

Go northward to increase the concept of wind power

Judging from the proportion of funds going northward last week, offshore wind power concept Mingyang Intelligence ranked sixth in the proportion of northward capital increases last week, reaching 0.84%. Jinfeng also received northward capital positions last Friday, accounting for 0.38% of outstanding shares.

Everbright Securities said that the release of "improve the energy consumption intensity and total double control system" is good for the new energy field, focusing on the wind power sector and new energy operators at the current time. Green power trading mechanism pilot opened to speed up the development of new energy power generation, under the dual logic focus on new energy operators investment opportunities, focusing on: three Gorges energy, solar energy, energy-saving wind power, Linyang energy. The logic of the rise in the wind power sector at this point lies in the boost in demand.

The biggest share price elasticity of the wind power industry should come from the decline in the cost side: judging the trend of economic data and steel prices is at the core. The spare parts plate focuses on: Daijin heavy Industry, Jinlei shares, Taisheng Wind Energy, Zhenjiang shares, Sun and Moon shares, Tianshun Wind Energy; the whole machine plate focuses on: Sany Energy (to be listed), Yunda shares, Golden Wind Technology (Aspirh), Mingyang Intelligence.

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