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Ministry of Commerce: closely follow and monitor the price trend of commodities to build stable foreign trade channels for commodities.
Jul 22,2021 15:21CST
Source:Ministry of Commerce
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The Ministry of Commerce said that since the beginning of this year, difficulties such as rising raw material prices, poor shipping logistics, large exchange rate fluctuations, and rising labor costs have led to higher operating costs and squeezed profit margins of foreign trade enterprises. Some foreign trade enterprises "do not want to increase production", and small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises are more affected. The Ministry of Commerce attaches great importance to this. In terms of the rise in raw material prices, the analysis shows that the international transmission of prices is the main reason, and the rapid increase in domestic and foreign demand further aggravates the rising trend of prices, which brings great pressure to both production enterprises and foreign trade enterprises. We will work with various local departments to closely monitor the price trend of commodities, promote import diversification, and build stable foreign trade channels for commodities, and the prices of some commodities have fallen. In terms of maritime logistics, we, together with relevant departments, closely follow shipping issues, promote the increase of container production, strengthen transport capacity guarantee and price supervision, and various localities have also introduced a series of measures to actively deal with them. at present, remarkable progress has been made in the investment of transport capacity, the return of old containers and the release of new ones. In terms of exchange rate fluctuations, we will work with relevant departments to promote financial institutions to continuously optimize exchange rate hedging products and services, actively promote the Exchange rate hedge Business Manual for foreign economic and trade enterprises, and provide targeted guidance for enterprises to avoid risks.

The Ministry of Commerce has been closely tracking the practical difficulties faced by foreign trade enterprises. On the basis of in-depth analysis and judgment, we will further improve the trade policy toolbox, optimize the business environment, reduce enterprise costs, and support all kinds of market entities, especially small and medium-sized and micro foreign trade enterprises, for stable production and healthy development.

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