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What is the layout of investment this year? The agency stresses that new energy is still in the tuyere in the direction of the "fourth Industrial Revolution".
Jan 14,2021 14:57CST
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After the recent spread of institutional clustering effect, the market discussion on investment style in 2021 has become increasingly fierce. On the 12th, Chen Gang, director of the Oriental Securities Research Institute, made it clear in an interview on the investment trend of the New year: "the fourth Industrial Revolution is an investment direction of this market, because science and technology is the eternal track."

Chen Gang also cited two examples: one is the new energy track, which said that from solar energy 20 years ago, to wind energy 10 years ago, to the very hot new energy vehicles now, this track should be a long-term track for 50 years. It represents an energy change brought about by the fourth industrial revolution. It is believed that there will be at least 30 years left, and the whole new energy investment will not come to an end until 2050 when carbon neutralization is realized. The second is the quantum racetrack. Quantum science and quantum computing opportunities are subversive technologies in the future. Although the market is small at present, it is worth paying attention to. "

The new energy track highlighted by Chen Gang is also the focus of discussion in the recent market. Asset managers are divided on such issues as whether Bubble exists in the new energy sector and whether the valuation is reasonable. However, according to the latest news from the China Automobile Association, sales of new energy vehicles for the whole of 2020 increased by 10.9% compared with the same period last year.

At the same time, the annual installed capacity of photovoltaic and wind power exceeds market expectations, traditional energy giants flock into the new energy field, and power battery mid-stream material factories are also accelerating production expansion. The general view of the organization at present is that new energy vehicles are still in the tuyere of development. In 2020, the total financing of the new energy market exceeded 100 billion for the first time in nearly a decade, which also reflects the market's general optimism on new energy. It is expected that the industry will continue to grow in 2021.

In the chart view of Hongta Securities, the improvement of technology has given birth to a brand new track. At the Davos Forum in 2018, World Forum President Schwab said that the fourth Industrial Revolution is characterized by the integration of technologies that will increasingly eliminate the boundaries between the physical world, the digital world and the biological world. It is a new technological revolution based on artificial intelligence, clean energy, unmanned control technology, quantum information technology, virtual reality and biotechnology, which can create nearly 8.7 trillion US dollars in economic value in 2030. However, as the direction of investment layout, it has only recently begun to be mentioned by various institutions.

In terms of the strategic layout of the fourth Industrial Revolution, some countries are already taking action. On January 6, the Prime Minister of the Government of Viet Nam approved the release of the National Strategy for the fourth Industrial Revolution by 2030. The strategic goal is to make full use of the opportunities brought about by the fourth Industrial Revolution to fundamentally master and widely apply new technologies in all social and economic fields.

In the in-depth interpretation of the 14th five-year Plan in 2020, Guotai Junan mentioned that the time of the continuous deepening of the fourth global industrial revolution is during the development of China's 14th five-year Plan, which will be accompanied by the fifth global industrial transfer in this process. Labor costs, Sino-US economic and trade frictions, novel coronavirus epidemic situation and so on have accelerated this process.

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