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Analysis on the present situation and Future trend of Home Appliances Industry in 2021
Jan 13,2021 15:35CST
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In recent years, the competition in the home appliance industry is becoming more and more fierce. how to maintain a stable market and continue to attract new users has become a problem that many manufacturers have been thinking about. Innovation is not the pursuit of technology itself, the pursuit of good product and user value is fundamental. This also makes the brand headed by Hisense upgrade "customer first" to core values, which is not only a kind of gratitude, but also the key to clear future competitiveness.

For any product, the user is the best judge of whether it is good or bad. For the uniform assembly line household appliances, as well as no obvious characteristics of household appliances, obviously can not satisfy their desire to be different.

In the face of users' growing personalized value propositions and rising user demands, it is necessary to study, understand, care, care and serve users, strengthen "user thinking", and temper all aspects of the enterprise value chain under the guidance of users. it has become the consensus of many manufacturers, and this is the basic logic that Hisense must follow.

According to Hisense, through a series of measures such as grasping the product mechanism by the general manager, Hisense is gradually building a dual-engine-driven innovation system centered on user demand and driven by technological innovation. to help companies continuously launch good products that carry leading technology and meet the needs of users, and ensure to take the lead in the fierce market competition.

Not only that, Hisense also through high-quality products and excellent service to create user satisfaction, create user surprises, create a service atmosphere that exceeds user expectations, and put Hisense's warm and trusted brand image into the hearts of every user.

To this end, Hisense set up a quality house store in December 2020. As Hisense's only full-line, full-brand direct store, including Hisense, Toshiba, Hitachi, Rongsheng, Kelon, Guloni, ASKO and other major Hisense brands, is Hisense's first attempt to direct retail test field.

For home appliances, see can not touch, can only let users worry, need to have the scene of landing. Hisense quality Home member store carries such a mission, where old users have exclusive rights and interests, such as new product trial, cleaning service, holiday care, and family members can come here to enjoy parent-child baking time. Establish direct and pure "contact" with member users through the differentiated service of member enjoyment, points exchange, the most complete new products, the best service and the fastest speed.

And Hisense will also provide a series of sales support for regional channel partners in various forms, such as full-product retail, full-brand education, full-scene experience, full-member operation, and so on. The purpose is to better empower channel partners and let channel partners and Hisense grow together.

In 2021, with the help of Hisense's agent operator system, Hisense will develop 60 national Hisense quality home member stores and intelligent life halls in accordance with the principle of "one city, one store". Build a "quality home member shop-intelligent life hall-specialty store-franchise store" terminal retail matrix, expand the full contact of consumers, the home of quality will become the super symbol of quality Hisense.

According to relevant data, in 2019, despite the rapid development of online channels, offline channels still occupy a dominant position, and the global distribution channels of large household appliances (excluding air conditioners) are increasingly diversified, among which, home appliance stores are still the largest offline sales channel, and have been favored by consumers because of their excellent service. Thus it can be seen that the offline channel is still full of potential, and all-brand direct stores may become a new trend in the future.

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