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Southeast Copper Industry: let "Customs clearance limitation" become "Customs clearance effectiveness"
Sep 25,2020 13:30CST
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SMM Network News: southeast Copper Industry Party Committee "re-empower, output to win new highs, reduce cost to seek a breakthrough, efficiency early put into operation" since the launch of the third quarter of the theme practice activities, the company's marketing center combined with quality improvement and efficiency, all-factor benchmarking requirements, with "two belts and two innovation" activities as the starting point, with sustainable efficiency as the goal, strive to optimize the copper concentrate import business. Through the forms of "Guan Enterprise monthly Union system" and "deepening Party Building and Co-Building", we will build a "Guan Enterprise" exchange platform to promote business through party building to ensure efficient customs clearance and production of copper concentrate.

In the face of the severe overseas epidemic situation, the marketing center will move the coordination work forward, starting from the preparation of ship docking, customs quarantine and unloading.

The marketing center takes the initiative to communicate with customs, provide statistical data, dispel risk doubts, reduce prepayments and reduce costs. Successfully applied to the customs to reduce the proportion of deposit collection from 10% to 3%, which is expected to release nearly 100 million yuan of liquidity for the company in the whole year and reduce financial expenses by about 4 million yuan.

By establishing a long-term cooperative relationship with Fuzhou Customs Technology Center, and discussing the inspection mode of copper concentrate, anode copper and sulfuric acid, Southeast Copper Industry made suggestions and suggestions to the Customs from the actual situation of the enterprise, and innovated the inspection methods such as "centralized pre-inspection". To provide help for related work.

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