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The future of commercialization of energy storage has come! Ten application fields of Yinlong energy storage attract attention
Sep 24,2020 15:15CST
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SMM News: energy storage is the key technology to achieve low-carbon power system, which can play a role in cutting peaks and filling valleys, improving power quality, acting as a backup power supply, adjusting frequency and so on for Electroweb. With the development of global new energy and Internet industry, the value of energy storage has become increasingly prominent and is regarded as the "rigid demand" of the future energy system.

Speeding up the development of energy storage technology and industry is of great strategic significance for building a "clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient" modern energy industry system, promoting the supply-side reform of China's energy industry, and promoting the reform of energy production and utilization.

Many years ago, Yinlong New Energy realized that energy storage is a forward-looking technology to promote the development of the energy industry in the future and is committed to energy storage technology research and development and application innovation. Through years of exploration and practice, Yinlong New Energy has formed an energy storage solution with market competitiveness based on core technology and widely used in household, commercial complex, industry, transportation, Electroweb and other scenarios.

Energy storage has been a rigid demand in many fields.

With the rapid development of the Internet, the stable operation of the data center becomes very important, and downtime means the direct loss of benefits. Yinlong new energy storage system can completely replace the traditional standby power supply, seamlessly switch power supply mode in case of accidental power outage, quickly supply power, meet the demand of 1-2 days' power supply, and ensure the stable operation of equipment in the computer room.

The parallel connection of Yinlong energy storage system to the data center not only simplifies the series series of power supply in the data center, but also optimizes and improves the power structure, and greatly improves the capacity and standby time of the emergency power supply in the data center. The overall life of Yinlong energy storage system is more than 10 years, and there is no need for regular maintenance and frequent updates to further enhance the reliability of power supply. In addition, the Yinlong energy storage system can also improve the economy of power operation in the data center through mechanisms such as peak cutting and valley filling, capacity allocation and so on.

Nowadays, in the field of communication base station, the application of energy storage system is very common, and it has become an important guarantee of communication reliability. However, for a long time, communication base stations use lead-acid batteries as backup power sources to store energy, which needs to be replaced every 2-3 years. Waste batteries bring serious risks to the environment. After an in-depth study of the traditional standby power supply, Yinlong New Energy has put forward its own solution, which can not only increase the life of the equipment to more than 8 years, but also effectively resolve the risk of environmental pollution.

Similarly, the problem of ship berthing, which has been criticized for causing environmental pollution, has also ushered in a new solution. In recent years, the supply of energy for ships during berthing through the power system has become the main measure to solve this problem, but its popularization is restricted by the construction of power infrastructure. Yinlong New Energy provides shore electricity through innovative energy storage system design, which not only provides energy for ships, but also completely solves the problem of environmental pollution.

The time has come for commercial application of energy storage.

For a long time in the past, due to technical and cost constraints, the application of energy storage system will usually greatly increase the operating cost, which is a helpless choice. With the landing of the solutions of Yinlong new energy storage system in the fields of peak regulation, commercial complex, rail transit, intelligent charging, landscape absorption and so on, industry and commerce rely on energy storage to reduce costs, increase efficiency and gain profits, which has become a new business model.

In order to cope with the fluctuation of the peak and valley of electricity consumption and reduce the impact of the peak and valley power consumption on Electroweb, the power supply enterprises implement the peak-valley electricity price policy, which can reach more than 1.50 yuan per kilowatt-hour of electricity at the peak, but only about 0.30 yuan at the trough. Peak-valley electricity price brings new business opportunities for energy storage. Yinlong new energy energy storage system can store electricity during the period of low electricity price and Discharge during the peak period of electricity price, which can not only effectively reduce the industrial power cost, but also greatly reduce the impact of power peak and valley on Electroweb.

In addition, in the commercial field, according to the current electricity price policy, the electricity price of commercial complex is usually 2-3 times that of residential electricity price, and the peak-valley electricity price is implemented at the same time. The application of Yinlong energy storage system in commercial complex can not only effectively reduce the power cost of enterprises, but also avoid the risk of power outage caused by Electroweb failure.

In addition to saving energy consumption and improving economic benefits, the Yinlong new energy storage system can also reduce the abandonment of wind and light, promote the absorption of scenery, and promote the development of new energy. The application of energy storage system to wind power and photovoltaic system can greatly reduce the intermittence and volatility of wind power photovoltaic and reduce "abandoning wind and light". Yinlong new energy experts estimate that after the application of Yinlong new energy storage system, wind power and photovoltaic energy efficiency can be improved by more than 15%.

With the layout of energy storage in homes, villas and other household areas, together with photovoltaic and wind power and other new energy power generation systems, we can create a smart Electroweb home service platform with clean power generation, safe power storage, reliable power reserve, intelligent power distribution and efficient power use. to ensure the economy and stability of domestic electricity consumption. If a small microgrid is built, the energy efficiency can be increased by about 15%, and the economy of electricity consumption can be improved by more than 20%. Once the power is accidentally cut off, it can provide 1-2 days of power supply for the home.

In addition, energy storage can also make a difference in the fields of intelligent charging of new energy vehicles, Electroweb FM, rail transit and so on. For example, it is equipped with energy storage to improve the power transmission and distribution capacity of Electroweb, meet the demand for capacity expansion of Electroweb for the construction of charging equipment, and reduce the cost of upgrading and expansion of Electroweb; in terms of FM, the energy storage system can quickly respond to scheduling instructions in milliseconds, maintain high power output, increase FM efficiency by 30% to 50%, improve Electroweb stability, and increase FM revenue by 3% to 5 times. In the field of rail transit, energy storage system can effectively recover braking energy, solve the demand of high rate charge and discharge of traction motor, realize energy recovery, alleviate network voltage fluctuation, and increase energy efficiency by 10% to 30%.

At present, energy storage has been widely used in efficient power generation, safe power storage, reliable power transformation, efficient power consumption, real-time energy control, centralized energy information management, throughout all aspects of power system generation, transmission, distribution and use. The person in charge of Yinlong New Energy said that energy storage technology is a technological commanding point of national strategic significance, and the development of energy storage technology is actually "storing the future." Yinlong New Energy will continue to increase technology research and development to provide more safe, stable and efficient solutions.

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