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Announcement on the establishment of the high-quality supplier evaluation committee of the national copper bar processing enterprises
Sep 23,2020 10:26CST
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In order to better stimulate the vitality of the copper bar industry, solve the long-standing problems in the industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, Shanghai Nonferrous Network has joined forces with a number of enterprises in the high and low electrical industry to set up a national high-quality supplier evaluation committee for copper bar processing enterprises. and will hold 2020 national copper bar processing enterprises high-quality supplier selection activities. This event will select the high-quality enterprises in the field of copper bar processing nationwide, and the relevant medals will be awarded by the jury, and the follow-up report of the whole event will be carried out. The purpose of the activity is to promote the harmonious and healthy development of the copper rod processing industry, carry forward the excellent work style of industry benchmarking enterprises, enhance the cohesion of the industry, and enhance the core competitiveness of the whole industry.

I. personnel composition

Chairman Enterprise: Shanghai Nonferrous Network Information Technology Co., Ltd.


Daquan group co., Ltd.

Dai Wei

Technician & Purchasing Supervisor

Weiteng electric group co., Ltd.

Qu Yong

Deputy director

People's Electrical Appliance Group Co., Ltd.

Hu Zhenyu

Manager of Purchasing Department

Eaton electric equipment co., Ltd.

Zhang Lei

Purchasing supervisor

Schneider Electric (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch

Chen Yan

Purchasing manager

Xiamen Best Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd.

Deng Yanqiong

General manager

Jiangsu Chengcheng Electric Co., Ltd.

Zhang Yimin


Zhejiang Taixin Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.

Chen Jie

General manager

Guangzhou Jiechentong Electrical Appliance Development Co., Ltd.

Tian Xinguo

General manager

Nantong Xiaoxing Transformer Co., Ltd.

Zhang Honghua

Procurement minister

The number of judges continues to increase.

As of September 22, 2020.09.22, a total of ten enterprises have joined the jury, with a total annual copper consumption of more than 150000 tons. We are still inviting the majority of high and low voltage electrical users to join the review committee, welcome colleagues in the industry to actively recommend and introduce themselves.

II. Main responsibilities

During the opening of the Dean Award for China Electrical Materials Industry, the judging committee is responsible for reviewing and grading the materials submitted by relevant enterprises, and providing constructive suggestions for the development of the industry.

III. Work system

In principle, a review shall be organized once a year, and the specific time shall be determined according to the actual situation; the selection and declaration unit shall provide the corresponding materials in accordance with the "selection process" and submit them to the designated link or the mailbox of the office of the review committee.


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